My Instant Death Ability is so Overpowered Gets an Anime Adaptation

“My Instant Death Ability is so Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me” anime adaptation has been announced.

Beginning in February 2016 on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website. The light novel by Tsuyoshi Fujitaka was release in print by Earth Star Entertainment in October of the same year, with illustrations by Chisato Naruse.

Hanamaru Nanto also created a manga adaptation, which will debut its eighth volume on December 12 of this year after starting its publication in Comic Earth Star in March 2018.

What’s the Plot in My Instant Death Ability is so Overpowered?

The light novel “My Instant Death Ability” is available in English at J-Novel Club, which summarizes the plot as follows:

While on a school trip, Yogiri Takatou awakens to complete chaos and carnage and learns that his entire class has been teleport to a different world!

The Gift, powers bestow upon the others by an enigmatic Sage who appeared to transport them, had been miss by him because he had somehow managed to fall asleep throughout the entire ordeal.

And to make matters worse, he and another classmate were brutally dump by their friends and used as bait to draw the attention of a nearby dragon. He reluctantly decides to defend his lone companion, even though the idea of dying doesn’t bother him all that much.

After all, a Level 1000 monster has no chance against his hidden ability to instantly kill someone with only one thought! If he can manage to remain awake long enough to use it, that is…

My Instant Death Ability is so Overpowered Trailer, Release Date, and Visual?

“My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered” is a light novel that’s going to have an anime adaptation. It has been declare (“Sokushi Cheat ga Saikysugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga marude Aite ni Naranain Desu ga”).

To publicize the information and the publication of the eighth volume of the manga adaptation. The team released a brief teaser trailer:

And along with the teaser, a key visual has also been release to promote the anime which you can see below:

My Instant Death Ability is so Overpowered
Credit: @twitydk

Now as we saw a teaser and a key visual of “My Instant Death Ability” the remaining information is about the release date. So the answer is unfortunate and no release date has been announce yet. I know what you guys are thinking after this much information no release date why?

So basically it’s just a piece of news. After the release of the light novel it got a lot of attention among the readers and the fans were expecting an anime adaptation of this Isekai series.

Not only that, the mangaka just gave us some teaser and confirms that the anime is in production. While the anime update such as studio, cast, release date, and official trailer is yet to be announce. But as we all know that in 2023 we are getting most of the news anime adaptation. So it’s not confirm but we can expect this anime to be release at the end of 2023.

About My Instant Death Ability Light Novel / Manga?

The Japanese light novel series “Sokushi Cheat ga Saikysugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga marude Aite ni Naranain Desu ga” written by Tsuyoshi Fujitaka.

The series “My Instant Death Ability” was first published in print with artwork by Chisato Naruse by Earth Star Entertainment in October 2016 after its inception on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website. There have been 13 volumes publish as of September 2022.

Beginning in March 2018, Comic Earth Star began serializing a manga adaptation with illustrations by Hanamaru Nanto. The series’ various chapters have been compile into seven volumes as of February 2022.

Earth Star Entertainment eventually purchased it on October 15, 2016. They started printing the series with drawings by Chisato Naruse.

The light novel was license by J-Novel Club for English publishing, and it was reveal at Anime Expo Lite in 2020.


In the realm of anime adaptations, “My Instant Death Ability” stands as a beacon of anticipation. From its literary origins to the animated frontier. The journey promises excitement, mystery, and the potent allure of an overpowered protagonist. As we await more details, the anime and manga community buzzes with speculation and fervor.

So what do you guys think of this Anime Adaptation? Let us know your comments.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Where to read manga or light novels of the series?

The best sites to read are the official J-Novel Club or Bookwalker.

Q2. When will the expected release date has been announce?

The right answer is we can’t say anything it depends on the production studio when they’ll be able to make the release date public but in our opinion. I think they’ll announce the date and other details at the start or at the mid of 2023.

Q3. What’s the genre of this series?

It’s basically an Isekai Genre anime.

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