Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed

Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed

Bad news comes from the childhood show, Naruto. After announcing four brand new episodes commemorating the 20th anniversary. The new OVA is supposed to debut on September 3, 2023.

Unfortunately, the episodes will be delayed. Moreover, the date is still TBA. The official stated that the delay was due to a production issue. They want to further improve the quality of the anime. 

The OVA will originally premiere for four consecutive weeks. In exchange for the OVA, the time slot will repeat the selected Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episodes instead.

The long partner in the music theme of Naruto, FLOW, will return for the opening and ending of the series. But, they won’t bring their new song. They will perform the 20th-anniversary version of “GO!!!”. For the ending theme, they will cover the very first ending of the series “Viva Rock” from Orange Range.

20th Anniversary of Naruto

Even though the series of Naruto was already concluded years ago, there is no doubt that Naruto is one of the most popular anime out there. Even the manga version was dubbed Big Three along with One Piece and Bleach.

That’s why, 20 years after the anime debut (Naruto anime debuted in October 2002), the staff would try to celebrate it. Studio Pierrot released the “Road of Naruto” video which compiled the whole of Naruto’s journey in a 10-minute video.


Not only the video but also the official 20th anniversary of Naruto website released three key visuals depicting three major arcs in the series and additional one key visual for the sequel, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed
Naruto’s Childhood Arc –
Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed
Akatsuki Arc – Source:
Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed
Fourth Great Shinobi War Arc – Source:
Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed
Boruto – Source:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Naruto OVA is delayed?

The official stated that they need more time to improve the quality of the series.

What is the story of Naruto OVA 2023?

Currently, there is no leak about how the story will unfold. It is better to wait patiently for the series to drop off.

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