Pluto Anime Release Date And More Cast Members Revealed

Pluto Anime To Premiere On October 26 Reveals 7 More Cast Members

Who doesn’t know Astro Boy? Every avid anime fan should hear this sci-fi manga at least once. Guess what? He will be back into action after his last flight in Astro Boy (2003).

But there is the catch, the one who is being animated isn’t Osamu Tezuka’s work. But, it is Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto manga that is based on Astro Boy World. While it has some action like old series, the story weighs more on the drama. It is confirmed that Netflix will broadcast Pluto worldwide on October 26, 2023.

The official mentioned that the reason for the adaptation is to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Astro Boy Japan’s first anime series. The manga itself ended its publicity more than a decade ago in 2009.

So, how is Atom going to look alike in the series? Below, we’ve gathered the information about Pluto starting from PV, Key visuals, staff, and cast. Read on!

PLUTO Trailer and Key Visual

The PV was released on July 2, 2023. Netflix published two versions; English and Japanese in their different YouTube channel. It highlights the drama that will unfold in the series.

Compared to the childhood Astro Boy, this feels like a mature version of how Atom spends his daily life in the human-robot coexistence society. Sure, there is a big difference between flesh and machine. But, we can see in the PV that there are robots who appear to be discernable to humans.

That becomes the main focus of the series. Would robots be allowed to evolve? Can they stray from how they are programmed?  Maybe the last line in the PV is the key premise “Robots must not become any more human”.

Pluto Anime To Premiere On October 26 Reveals 7 More Cast Members
Pluto Key Visual – Source: @pluto_anime_

The key visual was released on March 25, 2023. It shows the main character of the series. Seven famous robots that were serving in the 39th Asian War; Geiscth, Atom, Montblanc, Heracles, North #2, Brando, and Epsilon. Behind them, there is a mysterious entity called Pluto.

Cast and Staff

All of the main cast that will appear in Pluto has already been announced. With a month left, the official released another seven supporting characters for the series. They are:

  • Hideyuki Tanaka as Brau-1589
  • Romi Park as Helena
  • Toshio Furukawa as Professor Ochanomizu
  • Eizou Tsuda as Dr. Tenma
  • Kazuhito Yamaji as Professor Abdullah
  • Michio Hazama as Duncan
  • Kenyuu Horiuchi as President Alexander

While we have nine key characters in the series, the only one who will share most of the spotlight is three characters; Shinsu Fuji as Gesicht, Yoko Hikasa as Atom, and Minori Suzuki as Uran.

Pluto Anime To Premiere On October 26 Reveals 7 More Cast Members
Yoko Hikasa, Minori Suzuki, Naoki Urasawa, and Makoto Tezuka – Source: @pluto_anime_

The original creator of Pluto, Naoki Urasawa, should be glad that his work is animated by a handful of people. Reportedly, Toshio Kawaguchi is directing the series at Studio M2. Shigeru Fujita is in charge of character design.

Yugo Kanno is composing the music, while Masafumi Mima is serving as sound director. Netflix will broadcast the series worldwide.

Pluto Anime To Premiere On October 26 Reveals 7 More Cast Members
Atom’s Character Design – Source: @pluto_anime_


The story starts with Montblanc, a robot, who is violently murdered. He was once famous for his deeds in the 39th Asian War. Yet, his popularity grew worldwide post-war because of his efforts in nature conservation. All humans and robots mourn for his death.

A fellow war veteran, Detective Gesicht comes to investigate his demise. Through his findings, he realizes a mysterious entity called Pluto. Not only that, he realizes that Montblanc is the first victim.

It is only the start of the conspiracy plot to murder another seven famous robots worldwide who once served in the war. With time clocking, Gesicht will struggle to stop the demise of the war heroes and defend the coexistence of humans and machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Pluto anime premiere?

Pluto anime will premiere on October 26, 2023.

What is Pluto’s story?

Pluto is created by Urasawa Naoki. It is based on Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. It can be said that it is alternate world where Atom is living well in the human-machine society.

Source: Official Twitter

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