Saori Muronaga’s Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka Manga Ends

Saori Muronaga’s Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka Manga Ends

Bad news comes from the legendary Sukeban Deka series. After 3 years, one of the spin-offs, Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka (Sukeban Deka who Leapt through Time) officially ends on June 6, 2023.

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The announcement was made in the June issue of Akita Shoten’s Monthly Princess magazine on May 6, 2023. It states that the manga will end in the upcoming issue.

This underrated work made by Saori Muronaga is based on the original story by Shinji Wada which was so popular back in the 80s-90s. Sukeban Deka has been described as a popular gangster girl series which was a popular genre in that era.

Saori Muronaga’s Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka Manga Ends
Saki Amamiya (Left) and Tomoe (Right) in the first chapter of Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka

The question is, how popular is this series? How it became a cult classic?

What is Sukeban Deka?

Sukeban Deka is a Japanese manga series created by Shinji Wada from 1975-1982. Thanks to its popularity, it became a thing back then. Several adaptations were made based on the series. Three live-action TV series, original video animation, and three feature films.

It also released four spin-offs of the manga version Sukeban Deka If which was released in 2004, and Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka, Re: Sukeban Deka, and Sukeban Deka Pretend which was released altogether in 2021.

Reportedly, the original manga has sold over 20 million copies in Japan.

The supposed-to-be underrated series in the 2010s still affected its influence in the popular anime Kill la Kill ending. We can see the reference is almost the same as the Sukeban Deka TV drama ending from the 80s.

Saori Muronaga’s Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka Manga Ends
Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka First Volume Cover

With two spin-offs alive in the present, we can say that 50 years old Sukeban Deka is still in the heart of fans despite the original author, Shinji Wada, has passed away in 2011.

Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka Story

The story tells about a girl named Tomoe. She is a karate prodigy. But she has flaws which are a severe lack of confidence and a timid personality.

Unfortunately for her, she gets involved in a riot one day and by chance, she meets a mysterious man who asks her to become a Sukeban detective.

But, her job description isn’t exactly what she expected. She should travel through time to do her job and meets another Sukeban detective, Saki Asamiya.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka end?

The series will officially end on June 6, 2023.

What is Sukeban Deka?

It is a manga created by Shinji Wada. It tells about a gangster girl who is blackmailed to become an undercover detective.

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