Barakamon Live-Action TV Drama Release Date Announced

Barakamon Live-Action TV Drama Release Date Announced

Prepare to be surprised because the famous calligrapher, Sheishuu Handa, will get a live adaptation! Yes, we can watch the adventure of Handa on a faraway island in the flesh.

Rest assured that the one which will be adapted is Barakamon, not the prequel one, Handa-kun. With a wholesome slice-of-life genre, the anime successfully make fans vote it as the best SoL anime in 2014.

Nine years after the last episode premiered, the live adaptation was announced in Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan Magazine’s May issue. There is no further information besides that confirmation.

Barakamon Live-Action TV Drama Release Date Announced
Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan Magazine’s May issue

But, fans don’t have to wait that long because new information is revealed in less than a month. Surprisingly, the live adaptation will air in July. Fuji TV has confirmed that the series will air on Wednesday at 10 pm JST.

But, who will cast the main character? Read on!

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Barakamon Live Action’s Actor

It was confirmed by Fuji TV that it will star Yosuke Sugino as Seishuu Handa. They also released a new visual teaser showing Yosuke Sugino with his arm crossed.

Barakamon Live-Action TV Drama Release Date Announced
Visual Teaser of Barakamon Live Action – Source: @barakamon_drama

The visual is almost the same as the first volume of Barakamon’s manga cover. Except, there is no Naru in front of Handa this time. Maybe the staff will announce it soon.

Keita Kono is directing the live adaptation. Kumiko Aso writes the script while Juichi Uehara is in charge of planning. The producing position is held by Masataka Takamaru.

Based on his track record, Yosuke Sugino debuted in 2016. Through 8 years of career, he has obtained 8 lead roles both in TV and film. He is also the winner of the 12th Fine Boys Model Audition Grand Prix.

But with that impressive record, can he bring Handa-kun to life? Well, let’s wait for a couple of months to find out.

Barakamon Story

Seishuu Handa is a rising star in the Calligraphy industry. He is deemed young, handsome, and talented with a flaw being a narcissist. When a veteran labels his winning piece as unoriginal, he loses his cool.

As a punishment, his father sends him to Goto Islands, a place that is far away from the bustling capital city, Tokyo. In the new environment, Handa should find new inspiration for his original style.

Unfortunately, this won’t happen soon. Boisterous children, fujoshi middle schoolers, and energetic old men always disturb his peace. The entire neighborhood feels like a distraction for him to achieve his goal.

On the other hand, the relationship with the community makes the calligrapher learns so much more than he can learn in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Barakamon Live Action premiere?

The Live Action of Barakamon will premiere in July. It is confirmed that it will be broadcasted on Wednesday at 10 pm JST.

Who will act in the Barakamon Live Action?

It is confirmed that Yosuke Sugino will act as Handa. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast is still TBA.

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