Sengoku Youko TV Anime Reveals New Key Visual

Anime fans, get excited! The highly anticipated adaptation of Satoshi Mizukami’s cult classic manga Sengoku Youko is coming to Crunchyroll this winter. Mark your calendars for January 10th, when the first episode will premiere in Japan and worldwide (North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and also CIS).

The official website for the Sengoku Youko series reveals a new key visual for the upcoming TV anime.

Sengoku Youko follows a band of supernatural beings in feudal Japan. Mizukami is known for his bizarre storytelling, so expect the unexpected from this quirky series. Crunchyroll will simulcast new episodes as they air in Japan on Tokyo MX, ABC TV, Nagoya TV, and BS Asahi throughout the winter 2024 anime season. The anime will also begin airing on January 12 on BS Asahi in Japan.

With its January launch, Sengoku Youko is set to be one of the most talked-about anime of 2024. Don’t miss out on the unpredictable adventure and fun!

Sengoku Youko Key Visual and Trailer

The hype for Sengoku Youko continues to build as we get a first listen of the opening and ending themes. “Hibana” by MindaRyn will serve as the energetic opening, while KEIKO’s “Yuuyami” provides a haunting ending theme. Both songs complement the mystical feudal Japan setting.

We also have a striking new visual featuring siblings Jinka and Tama, voiced by Soma Saito and Yuki Takada. Their determined expressions hint at an epic adventure ahead. The series is described as “ethereal” and “a brilliant fusion of folklore and modern techniques” after the first episode preview at Anime NYC.

Sengoku Youko will run for a robust three cours (around 36 episodes). This allows plenty of time to do justice to the source material. Crunchyroll’s involvement enabled the extended runtime.

The tagline “O humans, now understand the depths of the Darkness!” promises dramatic storytelling and also mysterious twists. With arcs like World Reform Siblings and Thousand Demons Chaos, fans can expect the excitement to continue through 2024.

Sengoku Youko
Credit: Official website

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Sengoku Youko Plot

In the world of Sengoku Youko, humans and monster katawara exist in opposing factions. Despite being a katawara herself, Tama has a deep love for humans. She is determined to protect them from evil, even if it means fighting her kind. Her stepbrother Jinka, on the other hand, hates humans, though he is mostly one himself.

Together with their cowardly swordsman companion Shinsuke, who dreams of becoming strong, the siblings are in for legendary adventures meeting unforgettable characters, exploring new places, and battling fearsome creatures.

When the team uncovers a sinister plot to experiment on humans, turning them into katawara monsters, they make a vow to defeat whoever is behind it. Even if it means taking on an entire army of warriors, this trio won’t back down from protecting humankind.

Sengoku Youko Cast and Staff

Leading the production of Sengoku Youko is director Masahiro Aizawa, working off a script by series composer Jukki Hanada. Additionally, character designer Yousuke Okuda pulls double duty as one of the chief animation directors along with Shinpei Kobayashi and Yohei Yaegashi. Providing the soundtrack is composer Evan Call, with animation production handled by the renowned studio White Fox.

In the lead voice roles are Soma Saitou as protagonist Jinka Yamato and Yuuki Takada as his stepsister Tama Youko. Ryouhei Kimura joins them as swordsman Shinsuke Hyoudou, while Tomoyo Kurosawa (Shakuyaku), Hiroki Nanami (Senya), and Maaya Uchida (Tsukiko) round out the main cast. The supporting lineup features veterans like Kenjiro Tsuda (Jinun), Aki Toyosaki (Nau), Tetsu Inada (Doren), and Hiroki Tōchi (Raidō Zanzō) in key roles. Additionally, there is Kazuki Miyagi as Resshin, Ayahi Takagaki as Yama no Kami (Mountain God), Aina Suzuki as Rinzu, and Kenjiro Tsuda as Yazen.

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With Satoshi Mizukami’s original story as the source, and the talent assembled both behind the scenes and on the mic, Sengoku Youko has all the elements for an impressive anime adaptation.


Satoshi Mizukami’s epic fantasy manga Sengoku Youko has quite the publication history! Originally serialized in Monthly Comic Blade magazine from 2007 to 2014, the series moved online to the Comic Blade website from 2014 to 2016. Published by Mag Garden in Japan, the manga also wrapped up with its 17th volume in 2016.

Fans in English territories have only recently been able to join the fun. Tokyopop licensed Sengoku Youko last year and has been steadily releasing the volumes, with the second compiled book hitting shelves in July 2022 and the third set for September.

With over a decade of source material to adapt, the Sengoku Youko anime has plenty of spectacular fantasy action and captivating characters to bring to life. The sprawling manga journey makes for an abundant well of content for the upcoming 3-cour adaptation airing in 2024. Get ready to experience Mizukami’s beloved series in vivid animation soon! Stay tuned for more anime updates!

Source: Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes will the Sengoku Youko anime have?

Sengoku Youko will run for 3 cours, which typically means around 36 episodes in total.

How many volumes are there of the Sengoku Youko manga?

The Sengoku Youko manga spans 17 total volumes. It originally serialized from 2007-2016 in Japan.

What studio is animating Sengoku Youko?

Studio White Fox, known for series like Re: Zero, Steins; Gate, and Goblin Slayer, is animating Sengoku Youko.

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