Smiling Friends Season 2 Release Date

smiling friends season 2

Smiling Friends is a black comedy television series that was written and directed by Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack. Because of its unique plot, captivating animation style, and adorable characters, fans were eager to find out when Smiling Friends Season 2 would be released.

The first season of the series was released on the Adult Swim network on January 10, 2022. It consists of nine episodes with an average running time of 11 minutes. Because of its unique storyline and surreal humor, this series was very well-loved by the viewers.

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As a result, this upcoming season is highly anticipated, and its viewers are excited to find out when it will be release and what they will see in it.

Smiling Friends Season 2 Release Date and Trailer

smiling friends season 2 release date
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Unfortunately, no official release date has been set for Smiling Friends Season 2, nor has any trailer or teaser been released yet. Because neither the creators, Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack, nor any of the companies that are associated with this project have made any announcements about it.

However, its expected release date is sometime in the year 2022, but its initial plans have been delayed due to unknown circumstances. Just because there is no official announcement yet doesn’t mean that its second season is not coming.

This is because its pilot episode earned over 1.3 million views and made it one of Adult Swim’s most-watched series. Furthermore, the entire season received excellent reviews from critics and fans alike. So, there is a high chance that its second season announcement will be made soon by officials.

Cast and Staff of Smiling Friends Season 2

Smiling Friends Season 2 is likely to have the same cast and staff as its previous season. This is because it is extremely rare in the anime industry for the cast and staff to change in the next season. If we consider the cast, this upcoming season was most likely directed and written by Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel.

Its series sound department is also handled by Todor Manojlovic, Scott Findlay, and Keith Thomas. In terms of his cast, this upcoming season is likely to have the same cast as the previous season. That means most of the voices of the main characters were done by Michael Cusack, Marc M., and Zach Hadel.

On the other hand, the cast of recurring characters was done by David Dore, Mick Lauer, Erica Lindbeck, Chris O’Neill, and so on.

About Smiling Friends Season 2

smiling friends season 2 release date
Source: smiling friends (anime)

Smiling Friends mainly depicts the story of Charlie and Pim, who work in a business organization. Their job is to make their customers happy by solving their life issues. While making their customers smile, they explore several major issues that every person faces in their life.

This series taught us plenty of valuable life lessons that will change our perspective on life. However, we have not received any information regarding the plot of the upcoming season of Smiling Friends.

That’s it for the post. We hope you found this informative news about Smiling Friends Season 2 useful. Stay tuned for more of the latest anime news and upcoming releases.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Where can we watch Smiling Friend’s debut season?

You can watch the first season of this popular black comedy television series only on Adult Swim.

2. Who produced the initial season of Smiling Friend?

Studio Yotta and Princess Bento Studio are the two animation studios that produced the initial season of Smiling Friends.

3. What are some of the best black comedy television series to watch?

Detroit Metal City, Welcome to the N.H.K., Akiba Maid War, Mr. Ossomatsu, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt are some of the best black comedy anime to watch.

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