T・P BON Anime Releases Main Trailer Introducing Character Voices

Time for T・P BON Anime to spellbind us with its spectacular trailer. It’s the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. Therefore, it’s quite popular in the otaku community, especially among the fans of sci-fi and adventure. The first season is expected to hit the screens on May 2 so you guys better start planning for it. The anime will officially have two seasons, and the 2nd one will begin on July 17

About T・P BON Anime 

In the recent update from the higher-ups, they introduced an official 2-minute trailer. The trailer introduces the three main characters and their voices. They were Akihisa Wakayama, Ream Stream, and Buyoyon. The video clearly gives an idea about the story, the character’s personalities, and their respective challenges. The direction, art, aesthetics, music, and everything else are right on point. No doubt, the work of Studio BONES never fails to win our hearts. We also learned about the director, music artist, and other staff, which the teaser trailer highlights. Masahiro Ando directs the anime, and Michiru Oshima handles the music. 

Let’s get to know the talented voice cast behind our favorite characters!

  • Akihisa Wakayama, famous as “Ryuji Kanzaki in Classroom of the Elite,” voices Bon Namihira
  • Atsumi Tanezaki, famous as “Frieren in Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” voices Ream Stream
  • Mamoru Miyano, famous as “Osamu Dazai in Bungo Stray Dogs,” voices Buyoyon
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa, famous as “Kumiko Omae in Sound! Euphonium,” voices Yumiko Yaskawa
  • Yoko Hikasa, famous as “Utahime Iori in JUJUTSU KAISEN,” voices Tetsuo Shiraishi
  • Setsuo Ito, famous as “Mob in Mob Psycho 100,” voices Yanagisawa
  • Saho Shirasu, famous as “Mio Kofune in Summer Time Rendering,” voices Yoko
  • Yasuyuki Kase, famous as “Kankurou in Naruto,” voices Glayer


About T・P BON Anime key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

Bon Namihira is the male lead and the main focus of the story. He is a junior high school student who was living a pretty ordinary life until he came across Ream. The girl is a Time Patrol agent who traveled back in time. The duo continues to work their best on a mission to save people who experienced untimely deaths. However, this must be done without seriously affecting history. 

There are some dark themes in the anime, but it will definitely intrigue anyone who enjoys adventure and sci-fi

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Source: Crunchyroll

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