the GazettE Bassist Reita Has Passed Away

On Tuesday, the official website of the Japanese rock band the GazettE made a solemn announcement regarding the passing of their bassist, Reita, on Monday. A private memorial service for immediate family members will be held in his honor.

the gazette

the GazettE, previously known as Gazette, was formed in 2002 and initially comprised vocalist Ruki, bassist Reita, and lead guitarist Uruha. Presently, Uruha and Ruki remain active members, joined by guitarist Aoi and drummer Kai. Reita was an integral part of the band until his untimely demise.

Notably, the GazettE contributed to the cultural landscape beyond their music. They composed, arranged, and performed the theme song “SHIVER” for the television anime series  Black Butler II.

the GazettE is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2002. Renowned for their distinctive sound, striking visual aesthetic, and dynamic live performances, they have become one of the most influential and successful acts within the visual kei genre.

the GazettE was formed in 2002 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, by vocalist Ruki, guitarists Aoi and Uruha, bassist Reita, and drummer Yune. Drawing inspiration from diverse musical styles ranging from rock and metal to punk and pop, the band quickly gained attention for their innovative approach to visual kei.

The band released their debut single, “Wakaremichi,” in April 2002 under the independent label Matina. Subsequently, they signed with PS Company and released their first studio album, “Disorder,” in 2004, showcasing their eclectic blend of heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and emotive lyrics.

Over the years, the GazettE has released numerous albums, singles, and EPs, each demonstrating their evolving musical maturity and experimentation. Their discography includes acclaimed works such as “NIL” (2006), “DIM” (2009), and “DOGMA” (2015), which have solidified their status as pioneers of the visual kei movement.

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Source: the GazettE Official Website

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