A Condition Called Love Episode 1 Review

Shoujo lovers feel a different level of happiness when the anime adaptation of their favourite manga comes out. Yes, we are talking about A Condition Called Love Manga and its anime. I am sure we all have been waiting for it like true otaku. Well, I was super excited from the moment I heard about it. 

Let’s jump right into the highlights of episode 1

A Condition Called Love Episode 1 Review

A Condition Called Love Episode 1 Highlights

Okay, so if you have read A Condition Called Love Chapter 1 from the manga, then you won’t find any major differences. The higher-ups have adapted almost all the scenes from it. The manga had a different charm, not gonna lie, but the anime is pretty good, too. 

If you enjoy dominant, badass, and mature male leads, then this might not be the right choice for you. I know because Hananoi‘s appearance confuses many to think of him as a delinquent or a playboy. 

Instead, he is pretty soft-spoken and pleasant. I had read the manga, so I had an idea of how the anime would entertain me, so for me, it was 8/10. However, those who haven’t read it might not find it too entertaining, mainly because they compare it to some top-level romance anime. 

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The first episode kicks off in a cafe where Saki Hananoi had a messy breakup with his girlfriend because she failed to be his right definition of a Soul Mate. The handsome believes that LOVE is something that a person devotes only to a special someone called a Soul Mate. In search of the right person, he is looking for someone who can tick all of his boxes.  

A Condition Called Love Episode 1 Highlights

Behind them, our super cute female lead, Hotaru Hinase, was enjoying a dessert when her friend suddenly shifted the topic to Hananoi. She was quite annoyed that Hotaru had no idea that Hananoi was their schoolfellow. This pretty much explains how simple-minded, innocent, and unaware the female lead is. 

Male and Female Lead’s first ROMANTIC Interaction

A Condition Called Love Episode 1 Highlights

After leaving the cafe, our sweet lady saw Hananoi Saki sitting on a bench amidst a snowfall. The soft-hearted lady was aware of his condition and offered him an umbrella. I will give 10/10 to the anime creators for adding beauty to this electrifying scene. This is probably one of the most iconic and beautiful scenes we can expect from a romance anime. The scene in the manga was there, but the colours and direction in the anime just made it look PERFECT!

Hananoi’s Reaction

A Condition Called Love Episode 1 Highlights

That was their first Interaction and the moment when the boy felt attracted to the lady. The next moment was in the class when he asked her out in front of everyone. 

The male lead’s idea of finding someone special feels a little annoying, knowing that he will keep on dating people until he feels it right. It also raises a question: what if he doesn’t feel special about Hotaru after dating her for a while? Would he leave her, too? So, personally, I quite didn’t like his approach to finding his soulmate.

A Condition Called Love Episode 1 review

At first, Hinase Hotaru felt reserved and had no idea how to deal with the boy’s proposal. She was actually curious as to why he wanted to date her, knowing that she was not like modern-era girls interested in love. 

Hananoi’s answer to her question makes her understand that everyone has the right to love and to understand it. Therefore, he believes she can go out with him until the coming Christmas to find out what she truly feels. Though initially she was hesitant to hurt his feelings, she eventually seemed okay with the idea.


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The episode was filled with heart-fluttering scenes. The guy felt quite devoted to her. The fact that he, upon asking her for the perfect hair, cut his hair short the next day says a lot about him.  


The other highlight of the episode was him finding Hotaru’s hairpin in the cold, windy night amidst the snowfall. The scene lost its charm for me the moment he said he did it to see her smiling. I mean, why would someone go this far to see someone smile if he doesn’t have feelings for her? Well, I cringed the same way while reading the manga, but anyhow, it’s not that bad to discontinue. The moment was enough to make Hotaru feel unique enough to give him a chance. 

Overall, the story is sweet and pretty lovely. However, if you compare it with top-ranked, highly entertaining stories, then the show might not do justice to you.  Hananoi’s character is somewhat different that will make you raise questions but it’s also something that makes the story interesting. Talking about aesthetics, art, direction, and music, then it’s good enough!

Is a condition called love ongoing?

Yes, it’s currently on air.

Where can I watch a condition called love anime?

You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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