A Condition Called Love Anime Unveils Cast & Premiere Date

Time for shoujo lovers to be over the moon. The most famous rom-com manga, A Condition Called Love, is returning as an anime. Megumi Morino has won countless hearts in the manga community, and now things are all set for the anime community. 

The news of its anime adaptation caught our ears last year in June. Anime fans were delighted to see the appealing key visuals, promotional videos, and teaser trailers. All of them exuded charm, emotions, and most importantly, LOVE.

The first time we read the manga was in December 2017. It’s hard to believe that time has passed with the speed of light. Can you say it’s already been 8 years since it was introduced? Till June 2023, the manga was collected in thirteen tankobon volumes.

A Condition Called Love Anime Release Date & Details

a condition called love key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

The higher-ups hinted that the anime will hit the screens somewhere in 2024; usually, after the first announcements, it takes at least 6 to 12 months to watch the anime on screens. Now, as the countdown has begun, we know that anime will be up somewhere in April 2024. Though no exact release date is up yet, we hope it should be at the start of the month. 

Almost all the details are out so far, be it the cast, animation production studio, and story. East Fish Studio is working on the animation of the popular romantic comedy manga. Mr. Tomoe Makino will be directing the anime, the same legend who is directing Haikyuu 2024. The details of the other staff members are also out. 

  • Yoko Nakao has taken responsibility for the Art Direction.
  • Fumihiko Otera is the Sound Director
  • Takuya Niwa is working as the DOP

If you have been following the news regarding the anime, then did you like the character designs? It’s the most important thing that anime and manga enthusiasts look for. Those who have read the manga always wish for the characters to look the same in the anime. Thankfully, the character designer, Akiko Sato, has not disappointed the fans. In fact, they look more colorful and bright than the manga covers, don’t they?

If you have watched the teaser trailer, then I bet the smooth and sweet music must have caught your attention. Well, the credit goes to Yamazo sensei for lending their magic to the anime. 

A Condition Called Love Anime Expected Plot

As we know, the anime adaptations mostly completely follow the manga. So, the same goes here; the higher-ups have described the same story that the manga readers are already familiar with. The story highlights a cute and adorable first-year high school student, Hotaru Hinase. 

She is a simple-minded individual who is happy living around her friends and family. The idea of love doesn’t intrigue her at all, so she is not fascinated by the idea of falling in love. In fact, she was totally fine living without it. 

There she goes; the universe wants her to experience love no matter what. Soon after, something brings her out of her reveries as she sees a handsome Hananoi’s breakup. Next, she saw him sitting alone on the bench drenched in snow–perhaps he was mourning for his loss. 

And guess what? The kind-hearted girl could do nothing but offer him an umbrella. There you go! That’s how the love chapter in their life is. Hananai loved her gesture and started following her in order to get her to say yes to his proposal. Yeah, you got that right; he didn’t take long to propose to her!

The story has the perfect balance of drama, romance, and humor that will hit your emotions from time to time. I highly suggest you read the manga; it offers fun of its own. 

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A Condition Called Love Voice Cast

Main Characters

Kana Hanazawa, the gorgeous Voice Actress with a beautiful voice, is voicing the female lead, Hotaru. She is famous for her role as Mitsuri in Demon Slayer. So, I bet we all can imagine how our adorable Hotaru will speak in the anime.

Chiaki Kobayashi is voicing the male lead, Hananoi. He is the same legend who voiced Stark in Frieren.

Supporting Characters

Two days ago, the voice cast of the four supporting characters came to light. 

Yurika Kubo is lending her ear-blessing voice to Kyo Chan

Maaya Sakamoto is voicing Shibamu

Ryohei Kimura has taken the lead for Yao-Kun

Ryota Osaka is voicing Keigo Kurata

Fans Reaction

The response was pretty obvious, everyone loves to watch their favorite manga’s adaptation. Wherever you see, you will find fans overjoyed with the news. They are hoping for the anime to be as successful as the manga. Let’s see how things unfold.

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Is A Condition Called Love an Anime?

The anime is on its way to hit the screens

Is A Condition Called Love good?

It’s pure entertainment and fun, especially if you love romantic comedies. 

How many volumes are there in A Condition Called Love?

13 tankobon volumes. 

SOURCE: Crunchyroll


So, this is it, fellas! All the information that we have till now, we have listed. Hopefully, more details will be out as soon as the release date comes near. Fans are absolutely in awe of hearing the exciting news of the manga’s adaptation. So, let’s enjoy it and wait for its release. 

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