The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Ep 4 Preview & Release Date

The Dangers in My Heart is back for a season 2 filled with romance and drama. Picking up right where we left off last spring, Yamada and Kyotaro find themselves exploring the blossoming connection between them. Prepare for plenty of close encounters that will make your heart flutter as these two navigate the ups and downs of young love.

New friends join the cast, ready to stir things up and push our favorite couple’s relationship further. But will their bond withstand the test? Only time will tell!

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2
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Eager fans longing for episode 4 can finally breathe easy. Mark your calendars for a romantic rendezvous on the 27th!

Will Yamada and Kyotaro take their relationship to the next level? Tune in to find out! This season promises plenty of drama, laughs, and aww moments. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Episode 4 Release date

The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 Episode 4 finally has a release date! This Saturday, January 27th, you can catch all the drama and heart-fluttering moments around 10 am PT/12 pm CT/11:30 am EST.

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The new episode will premiere first in its original Japanese audio with subtitles. The dub release will come later, just like in Season 1. Release times vary across regions, so be sure to check your local listings.

For example, those in the Philippines can watch it at 12:30 am Sunday on the 28th. While Australians will have to stay up late, with the episode airing Down Under at 2 am that same day.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2
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No matter where you are, clear your Saturday morning schedule – you won’t want to miss a minute of the blossoming romance between Yamada and Kyotaro. This week promises to push their relationship further as new friends stir up trouble.

The Dangers in My Heart season 2 episode 4 will first be televised on the NUMAnimation programming block on TV Asahi and its affiliates. Fans can also watch the anime episodes online in Japan on Hulu, dAnime Store, and other streaming services.

Meanwhile, Sentai Filmworks announced that the series will be available for international streaming. Hence, the company will make the anime available on the Hidive streaming platform. Plus Media Networks Asia has also licensed the series for Southeast Asia. Therefore, The Dangers in My Heart series will premiere on Aniplus Asia as well.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Titled “Yamada and Me,” the previous episode saw Ichikawa finally confronting his true feelings for Yamada after a day of chocolate-making chaos.

The fun begins when Moeko suggests the girls make chocolates for all the boys. Yamada happily agrees and invites the crew over to her house, even asking Ichikawa to join. Though initially hesitant, he eventually arrives to find Yoshida and Kobayashi there too.

Moeko stirs up drama immediately, calling Ichikawa her boyfriend to explain his presence to Yamada’s mom. This bothers Yamada, as does Moeko’s teasing antics with Ichikawa throughout the day.

Noticing Yamada’s change in mood, Yoshida yells at Moeko to stop. Later, a gloomy Yamada confronts Ichikawa, asking if he’s having fun. Flustered, he tries to leave but gets caught by Yamada’s mom. After coming clean that he and Moeko aren’t dating, she recognizes him as Yamada’s friend.

Though he still wants to go, Yamada convinces him to stay. Ichikawa then meets her intimidating yet goofy dad and they bond over games. With the chocolate finished, Yamada and Ichikawa share a sweet moment as she has him taste-test hers.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2
Credit: The Official Website

On the walk home, Yoshida asks if he’s been to Yamada’s before, to which he hesitantly agrees. Ichikawa’s sister is shocked to hear of his day with Yamada. When she casually asks if he’ll ever confess, he insists their worlds are too different.

But alone in his room, Ichikawa yells that he wants to be Yamada’s boyfriend – he likes her after all! The next day, as they walk to school, Yamada stresses about giving chocolates to everyone. Smoothly, Ichikawa suggests she doesn’t need to give any out at all.

With feelings finally realized and Valentine’s Day approaching, the romance between Yamada and Ichikawa heats up in this drama-filled yet sweet entire episode.


Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches in The Dangers In My Heart! After the drama of the last episode, fans can expect even sweeter moments between Yamada and Ichikawa in the next one.

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With both now realizing their true feelings, their unspoken connection becomes clear to everyone. Yamada’s friends Yoshida and Moeko have caught on, and even Ichikawa tells her she doesn’t need to give chocolates to anyone else. Reading between the lines – he hopes to get one from her!

The upcoming episode may also dive deeper into Yamada’s father’s perspective. While he seemed to like Ichikawa, he likely suspects just how close the boy is to his daughter.

As the romantic tension builds, this cozy anime promises a Valentine’s Day episode that will make hearts melt. Don’t miss the chance to catch every adorable scene between the blossoming young lovers.

The Dangers in My Heart Manga

And for those anime fans hungry for more, you can also check out Norio Sakurai‘s original manga The Dangers In My Heart, licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

The pieces are all set for Yamada and Ichikawa’s relationship to move to the next level. Will their bond survive the chaos of young love? Stay tuned for more anime updates!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 Episode 4 be released?

Episode 4 is scheduled to release on Saturday, January 27th around 10 am PT/12 pm CT/11:30 am EST.

Where can I watch the new episode?

You can stream the anime adaptation on services like Hulu in Japan and Hidive internationally when it premieres.

Will there be English dubbing right away?

No, the episode will first release in Japanese with subtitles. English dubbing usually comes later.

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