Too Many Losing Heroines! Anime Reveals July 2024 Premiere, Trailer and Visual

Knock, Knock! We have good news for anime fans. You have a reason to party because Too Many Losing Heroines! The anime has revealed its premiere month. The anime is all set to hit the screens sometime in July, though we need confirmation on its date. 

With this epic announcement, the creators of the upcoming romantic comedy series presented us with a teaser trailer and a key visual. We also got some additional details regarding the anime’s staff and cast.

About Too Many Losing Heroines! Anime

About Too Many Losing Heroines! Anime

Credit: Crunchyroll

The 56-second teaser trailer is no less than a visual treat. We can expect a lot of sweet, romantic, and hilarious moments. The upcoming rom-com series is the anime adaptation of the famous light novel. 

Thanks to Takibi Amamori and Imigimuru for creating this epic story. Shotaro Kitamura directs the anime, and Masahiro Yokotani manages the series composition. Tatsuya Kawakami is responsible for creating stunning and visually appealing character designs. Studio A1 Pictures has taken charge of the animation production, whereas Kana Utatane is responsible for the music.

Details about the voice actors were also highlighted. 

  • Shuichiro Umeda voices Kazuhiko Nukumizu
  • Hikaru Tono voices Anna Yanami
  • Shion Wakayama voices Lemon Yakishio
  • Momoka Terasaw voices Chika Komari

Staff Details 

  • Yu Saito works as the sub-character designer
  • Takumi Miura, Akane Takeda, and Mirai Harashima work as the main animators
  • Aoi Otani and Keigo Arihara manage the visual boards
  • Takayuki Kido manages the prop design
  • Ayaka Murakami manages the Color Design
  • Mikiya Hiragi handles Art Design
  • Yuki Hatakeyama handles Art Direction
  • Kusanagi handles Art
  • Yuki Kurobayashi handles 3D Direction
  • Yohei Miyawaki works as D.O.P
  • Kohei Yoshida handles the Sound Direction
  • Takuya Hasegawa handles the Sound Effects


The anime revolves around Nazuhiko, who finds himself in a loop of seeing girls around him get rejected in their love lives. His once simple and friendless life remains no longer the same. With time, the relationship drama around him becomes intense, and he finds himself busy with the famous girls’ love affairs. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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