Top 10 Best Solo leveling Characters

Best Solo leveling Characters

Solo Leveling, one of the best ongoing anime series, finally ended on March 31, 2024, with a total of 12 episodes. As the series finished, anime fans began searching for the best Solo Leveling characters who received maximum attention in the first season. You’ll also discover the most trending Solo Leveling wallpaper at the end of this post.

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Whoever read the webtoon counterpart was already aware of the best characters in the series. However, in today’s post, we will only include those characters who made their debut in the anime adaptation. So let’s get straight to this wonderful list and meet your favorite Solo Leveling characters. 

Top 10 Best Solo Leveling Characters, According to the Anime Adaptation 

10. Sung Jinah

Sung Jinah
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Being the younger sister of the main character, Sung Jinah got enough screen time in the first season, which other hunter characters lacked. As a result, she succeeded in leaving an indelible impression on fans’ hearts through her charming appearance and playful personality.

Her cute and strong brother-sister bond with Sung Jinwoo is what fans like the most about her. Jinah also shows her deep care for her family by deciding to drop out of school and get a job, even though she is a top student at high school. 

9. Hwang Dongsoo 

Hwang Dongsoo
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Hwang Dongsoo is the only villain on the list who played an impactful role in the first season. He is a former S-rank Korean hunter who later joined the Scavenger Guild under the leadership of Thomas Andre, the national-level hunter. His muscular body and maniacal smile are enough to tell everyone to never mess with him.

When he got the news of his brother’s death, he immediately came back to Korea to deal with two suspects: Jinho and Jinwoo. Due to his higher rank and immense strength, Hwang Dong Su appears to be a strong character and the biggest threat to Sung Jin-Woo. 

8. Yoo Jinho

Yoo Jinho
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Yoo Jinho is not a powerful hunter, much like Sung Jin-Woo’s older self, and does not have much battle experience. As he finds out Jinwoo’s extraordinary power, he forms a guild with him in which Jinwoo does all the fighting.

Jinho also played an important role in the anime through his comical relief and unusual dressing sense. His close relationship with the protagonist is highly appreciated by fans and makes him one of the best Solo Leveling characters. 

7. Woo Jin Chul

Woo Jin Chul
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Woo Jin Chul is another major character who plays a significant role in the first season. He is known for his stoic expression and professionalism, only believing in facts. However, he also cares about all members of the Korean Hunter Association, especially Go Gunhee.

Even though he is just an A-rank hunter, he possesses a special ability that even S-rank hunters don’t have, such as sensing mana. In the upcoming seasons, he will play a more important role and will show his true wisdom and keen intelligence. 

6. Choi Jong-In: Guild Master of Hunter Guild

Choi Jong-In: Guild Master of Hunter Guild
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Choi Jong-In is one of the strongest of Korea’s S-Rank hunters and possesses exceptionally powerful flame magic. His flame magic is so powerful that he can easily destroy an entire building with minimal effort.

His great leadership skills are excellently showcased by the fact that he is the Guild Master of Hunter Guild, one of the strongest Korean guilds. No matter how tough the situation becomes, Choi never loses his cool and will always make good decisions. 

5. Baek Yoonho: Guild Master of White Tiger Guild

Baek Yoonho: Guild Master of White Tiger Guild
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Just like Choi Jong-In, Baek Yoonho is a great leader, leading the White Tiger Guild to become one of the strongest guilds in Korea. His transformation magic is the most unique ability in the series, which sets him apart from the other strongest hunters.

Through the use of transformation magic, he turns himself into a giant white tiger-like figure that grants him immense power, raw strength, incredible speed, and reflexes. Baek is also one of the first few people to realize that Sung Jin-Woo is stronger than national-level hunters, whose power has no limit. 

4. Igris: Best Shadow Solo Leveling Character

Igris: the best shadow solo leveling characters
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Igris is the first shadow soldier of Sung Jin-Woo, who once served the former Shadow Monarch, Ashborn. Due to his debut in the last episode of the first season, he has yet to show his true power. However, he is one of the most powerful characters and ranks among Sung Jin-Woo’s top 3 shadow soldiers.

His loyalty towards the protagonist, superhuman strength, and exclusive abilities are truly commendable, making him one of the strongest Solo Leveling characters. 

3. Go Gunhee

Go Gunhee
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Go Gunhee is the chairman of the Korean Hunter Association and is widely respected in South Korea. He is a workaholic who is always busy managing hunter associations and neglecting his own health.

Being one of the vessels of the rulers, he has access to some incredibly powerful abilities that only national-level hunters can access. His humble and honest interaction with fellow association members grabbed fans’ attention. As a result, Gunhee ranks highly on the list of the best Solo Leveling characters. 

2. Cha Hae-In: Most Beautiful Female Solo Leveling Character

Cha Hae-In: the most beautiful female solo leveling characters
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Since her debut in Solo Leveling episode 1, Cha Hae-In has immediately gotten everyone’s attention due to her beautiful look and curvy figure. Moreover, her first scene in a white shirt went viral, declaring her the best anime waifu of 2024.

Her beauty does not only appeal to fans but also gradually attracts Jinwoo’s attention, becoming his love interest. Aside from her attractive look, Cha Hae-In is also one of the strongest characters and the vice-guild master of the Hunter Guild. She deeply cares about the lives of those around her and will go to any extent to protect them. 

1. Sung Jin-Woo: Strongest Solo Leveling Character

Sung Jin-woo: the strongest solo leveling characters
Source: Solo Leveling anime

Sung Jin-Woo is not just the best Solo Leveling character but also one of the best male anime characters of 2024. Since his debut, he has shown excellent character development and kept upgrading in all aspects, such as looks, power level, and personality.

His journey of transforming from the weakest hunter to the strongest hunter of all time is truly inspirational and engaging. Whether looking at his attractive look, captivating personality, or immense power level, he conquers every possible field with minimal effort. The first season is just the trailer for Jinwoo’s epic journey, and he will definitely break all the anime records in the upcoming seasons of the series.

That concludes our list of the best Solo Leveling characters, and we hope you found it useful and engaging. Stay tuned with us for more wonderful lists and amazing anime reviews. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will the second season be released?

The officials have not yet given a specific release date for the second season. However, they shared the title of the 2nd season, which is Solo Leveling: Arise from the Shadow.

2. Which is the most trending Solo Leveling wallpaper?

There are a bunch of Solo Leveling Wallpaper out there. However, the wallpaper featuring “Statue of God” is the scariest and most trending solo leveling wallpaper.

3. Is Solo Leveling releasing a live-action adaptation?

Yes, the officials announced that Solo Leveling: Ragnarok, the spin-off series, is getting a Korean drama adaptation sometime in 2024. Its exact release date has yet to be revealed.


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