TV Anime : Delusional Monthly Magazine Reveals New Key Visual

The original TV anime, Delusional Monthly Magazine, revealed a new key visual for the series. In addition, new character visuals have also been published.

The official Twitter of the series also announced the advanced screening of the first two episodes on December 2, 2023, at TOHO Cinemas Ikebukuro. Four main cast, from the first key visual, will attend the event.

As an original TV anime, the series is considered an underdog among winter-slated anime. Moreover, OLM is also working on another original series called Pon no Michi, which will be released in the same season.

But, will Delusional Monthly Magazine be interesting enough to earn the second season? Below, we cover a new key and character visual for the series. Read on!

TV Anime Delusional Monthly Magazine Key Visual

The second key visual of Delusional Monthly Magazine was released on October 25, a month after the announcement of the anime adaptation. There are four additional characters aside from the four main characters from the previous key visual.

Delusional Monthly Magazine Key Visual
Delusional Monthly Magazine Key Visual – Source: MOH_scientific

The visual highlights the setting of the TV Anime which will be on the second floor of a cafe. There, we can see eight characters who look like they are getting along. But based on the character sheet, there are, at least, two groups that will appear in the anime.

The first one is the Delusional Monthly Magazine publisher and a mysterious organization called White Pegasus. Three members of the White Pegasus are the blue-haired gentleman, and two twins making a hand sign W and P.

What is the relationship between a mere magazine publisher and that mysterious organization? Fortunately, we won’t have to wait that long. The TV Anime, Delusional Monthly Magazine, will premiere in January 2024.

TV Anime Delusional Monthly Magazine Character Visual

When the new key visual dropped off, the official introduced other characters for the series. Unfortunately, only four cast members have been confirmed. They include:

  • Takahide Ishii as Taro J. Suzuki
  • Yuusuke Shirai as Saburo
  • Shunichi Goro Sato
  • Kazutomi Yamamoto as Jiro Tanaka

The newly introduced characters for the TV anime include:

  • Katherine Sue, the editor-in-chief of Delusional Monthly Magazine
  • Edward Chee, the vice president of White Pegasus
  • Perch, an officer in White Pegasus known for his intelligence.
  • Noin, an officer in White Pegasus known for his muscle power.
  • Rock, the master of cafe “Rock”.
New Character Visual - Tv Anime
New Character Visual – Source: MOH_scientific

Ichigo Umatami takes credit for creating the story. Chizuru Miyawaki (Gintama), is designing the character and serving as a director at OLM Team Yoshioka. Hiroko Kanesugi (Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!) is in charge of the series composition.

Delusional Monthly Magazine Story

“The series takes place in Most City, a town in a certain country.”. On the second floor of an old building, there is a small publishing company that publishes Delusional Monthly Magazine. It is a magazine that contains an outlandish thing that goes beyond common sense.

The only staff of the company are the beautiful editor-in-chief, Katherine Sue, and editor, Taro J. Suzuki. Additionally, he only has one assistant who is an elementary school student, Jiro Tanaka. Don’t forget about his dog Saburo who often hangs out in the office.

The department is always empty to the point that they used to spend their time on the first floor which served as a cafe. But, one day, the scientist Goro Sato comes to visit for advice, thus the bizarre story begins…

When will the TV Anime Delusional Monthly Magazine premiere?

The TV Anime Delusional Monthly Magazine will premiere in January 2024.

Which studio works on the TV Anime Delusional Monthly Magazine?

The subsidiary team of OLM studio, OLM Team Yoshioka, works on TV Anime Delusional Monthly Magazine.

Source: Official Twitter

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