Yusuke Murata Unveils More Trailer of Zaiyuki Anime Project

Murata announced he was working on an original anime adaptation back in March 2023. He kicked off 2024 by revealing his plans for the series Zaiyuki, along with showing videos of his upcoming anime. The new clips highlight one of the artist’s greatest strengths- dynamic and exhilarating battle sequences that delighted One-Punch Man fans. This suggests these action-packed moments will be an important feature in Zaiyuki too.

Although full details about the project remain scarce, the new clips posted on Murata’s X account offer a glimpse into the progress made so far. The plot of Zaiyuki revolves around a Kappa boy named Goyjo. His world is turned upside down when he gets caught up in unexpected problems.

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The Kappa’s Journey in Zaiyuki

One Punch Man manga artist’s new project revolves around a Kappa, a mythical creature that appears small and weak but is incredibly strong. However, the protagonist Goyjo defies expectations, struggling with tasks Kappas usually excels at, like swimming and appreciating cucumbers. Despite his shortcomings, Goyjo manages to win a lottery, earning him a free ticket to India. There, he takes an unknown crystal, setting off a chain of events that flip his world upside down.

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Zaiyuki’s previous teasers depict the seemingly harmless crystal exploding in an airport. Hence follows the appearance of a monkey with a staff. Despite the presence of a large military convoy, the monkey disarms everyone. Moments later, a group of powerful members whom the stranger in the airport spoke about, kidnap the protagonist. Thus begins the Kappa’s unexpected yet exciting journey.

Murata’s Acclaimed Career

Murata’s talent has been on full display through his work on beloved series like One-Punch Man and the upcoming Zaiyuki. He launched it with the web manga creator ONE on Shueisha’s “Tonari no Young Jump” website in 2012. The series, a remake of ONE’s original web manga, has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of action, humor, and Murata’s stunning visuals. Viz Media is releasing the series digitally as part of its Weekly Shonen Jump subscription and in print. One-Punch Man season 3 is also in the works.

Murata’s acclaimed career also includes the Eyeshield 21 manga, which he created with Riichirou Inagaki. Viz Media released all 37 volumes of the manga in North America. Additionally, it inspired a 145-episode television anime series in 2005-2008, with Sentai Filmworks releasing the series on home video in 2010-2011. Crunchyroll is currently streaming the Eyeshield 21 anime online.

Aside from Zaiyuki, Murata has also demonstrated his animation skills by directing and animating a 107-second One-Punch Man original animation project short in September 2021. He does this by once again collaborating with Village Studio.

Credit: Official Twitter Account

As the countdown to Zaiyuki’s release begins, the anime world eagerly awaits Murata’s latest vision, excited to see how his masterful storytelling and innovative techniques will breathe life into this fresh, original series. Stay tuned for more anime updates and manga news!

Source: Yūsuke Murata‘s Twitter account

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Zaiyuki expected to premiere?

While an official release date isn’t out yet, rumors suggest the animated project could debut in late 2024 or early 2025.

How involved will Murata be in the animation process for Zaiyuki?

Murata will be taking on the role of a full-time animator for Zaiyuki. He will work directly through his newly launched animation studio to ensure his artistic vision and animation quality are fully realized in the series.

What genres or themes might Zaiyuki explore?

Details are closely guarded, but fans speculate Murata may explore genres beyond action, potentially delving into fantasy, sci-fi, or even slice-of-life narratives with his fresh, genre-bending approach for this original anime.

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