A Condition Called Love Episode 7 Review – Love Confession

Are you guys ready for A Condition Called Love Episode 7 Review? The anime has been entertaining its fans pretty well. This episode was similar to the previous ones, but you see, we finally got to see Hotaru’s love confession. It took 7 episodes to hear the words “I LOVE YOU” from this adorable, shy girl.

The lovebirds have taught us a lot of things important in a relationship, especially the Dos & Don’ts. Let’s dive deep into the episode’s highlights!

Highlights Of A Condition Called Love Episode 7 Review

  • Hotaru’s Love Confessions
  • Hotaru’s explanation of her past 
  • Hananoi’s Fears

Hotaru’s Explanation of Her Past & Love Confession

A Condition Called Love Episode 7 Review

Honestly, it takes courage for anyone to speak of past traumas to the person they don’t want to lose. On the other hand, one needs a true listener to understand the pain behind those words. Our female lead cleared all the doubts and told him that once in school, there was a rumor that she used to like a guy. 

Though, it was not based on the fact, her best friend misunderstood her and cut her hair out of jealousy. I salute Hotaru’s courage in speaking facts to her beloved even though the thought of it traumatizes her. After all the explanation, the boss lady then finally says, “I LOVE YOU”, the moment the whole fandom was waiting for. 

Hananoi once again proved that he is a Green Flag, he listened to her like a good boy. However, there is a twist!!!

Saki Hananoi’s Complications

image 12

Instead of instantly leveling up their relationship, Hananoi asked Hotaru to think about their relationship seriously. It turns out that even when he was a child, he used to have difficulty asking for things he liked.  Soon after the confession, the boy texts her to stay apart for some time. So, they stopped seeing each other for a while. To top it all off, Hananoi stopped texting her as well. 

Honestly, it’s really the worst thing to do to her, who confessed her feelings, knowing it was hard for her. Not gonna lie. Even if Hananoi had a lot of fears and life experiences giving him a hard time, he should have at least communicated. 

It’s never a good idea to put a relationship on hold, even for a second, without properly communicating the reasons. 

Hananoi’s Grandmother’s Interaction With Hinase Hotaru

Hananoi's Grandmother's Interaction With Hinase Hotaru

Even though their first interaction turned out to be a bit awkward when the lady saw her alone with Hananoi. Their second interaction was good. She invited her for a cup of coffee and thanked her for helping Hananoi all this time. 

She even highlighted the fact that Hananoi parents move to different countries, treating poor kids all the while ignoring their own son. As soon as he started High School, he shifted back to the old apartment to live alone. 

So, the backstory made it easier for us to understand this behavior of Hananoi. He fears that the people he loves always leave him alone and lonely. This is also why he probably wanted Hotaru to rethink her feelings, because once into the relationship, he wouldn’t ever let her go.

The Love Birds’ Reunion

After realizing Hananoi’s feelings, she texts him “I Miss You“. There you go, these three words were enough to bring Hananoi running to her home late at night. There is a great lesson we learn from Hotaru. Guess what? Well, we learn that it doesn’t matter what happens; you should not wait for your partner to start a conversation.

Maybe, your partner is also waiting for you to text first. So, always be the first to text, and it implies to everyone in a relationship! There is another beautiful lesson that we learn:

“If someone truly wants to stay together then the difference in their perspectives doesn’t matter!”

Final Notes

hotaru and hananoi

It was a beautiful episode and full of lessons for the audience. Each episode teaches us something new, and we are grateful to the creator “Megumi Morino” for that. The initial few episodes highlighted Hotaru’s perspective and the difficulties she faced saying yes to a relationship.

However, this episode cleared almost all the doubts regarding Hananoi’s complications as well. The pacing, the story, the main character’s chemistry, and everything else is on point. I’d give 9/10 to this episode.

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What is Saki Hananoi’s personality?

He seems like a cold and complicated person at first, but deep down, he’s a very gentle and kind boy.

What does the name Hananoi mean?

It means “flower” or “blossom.”

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