Children’s Association Manhwa Survival Gets TV Adaptation

Knock, Knock! Who? It’s time for some good NEWS! Remember the popular Children’s Association Manhwa Survival that received a film adaptation in 2020? The higher-ups have now decided to create a full-fledged TV anime adaptation of the story. 

We have only received the announcement that it’s getting ready to hit the big screens. Unfortunately, we don’t have news for the release date, cast, staff, etc. Patience is the key, and let’s master that!

Children Association Manhwa Survival

Credit: Amazon

Gomdori Co and Han Hyun Dong are the master creators of the fantastic manhwa. In South Korea, Mirai N Co., Ltd has published the series. Whereas in Japan, Asahi Shimbun Publications is responsible for producing the masterpiece.

There are no key visuals or teaser trailers out yet, as the announcement has just been made. Usually, the creators present them within a few days after the adaptation news. As soon as something is out, Anime Fleek will update you guys! 

The author presents a beautiful story revolving around elementary school children and their daily lives. It educates the children on many things, making them sharp enough to survive difficult situations. They have taught the viewers to use real-life science lessons. Above all, the action and adventure make it highly engaging. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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