DT Tensei Manga Launches on August 25

DT Tensei Manga

Recently, DT Tensei Manga, a new manga created by two popular manga artists, was about to launch. Ira Ishida and Shutaro Yamada are the creators of this new manga, having previously brought us popular series. 

Ira Ishida is the one who created a wonderful series, Ikebukuro West Gate Park, while Shutaro Yamada is the one who illustrated a popular series called Read or Die. Both of the artists are very popular for their previous works and have received great responses from fans. 

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So, it is great news for their fans who are waiting for their new projects. So let’s get straight to this informative news and find out in detail about DT Tensei Manga, such as when it will be released and where we can read it.

DT Tensei Manga Launch Date

DT Tensei Manga
Source: Ikebukuro West Gate Park

On July 27, 2023, Kadokawa announced a new manga during their latest issues on Monthly Shonen Sirius. According to their announcement, DT Tensei Manga will be released on August 25, 2023, in the magazine’s next issue. 

On the other hand, Ira Ishida will look after the story of this new manga series while Shutaro Yamada does the illustrations for it. Moreover, Kadokawa also revealed the plot of this upcoming manga. DT Tensei Manga has an isekai and romance genre and depicts the story of Kota.

Before dying in a car accident and being transferred to another world, he worked as a clerk at a convenience store. In this new world, Kota will embark on a journey to find a love partner and a beautiful romantic experience, which he lacked in his previous life.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative news to be useful. Stay tuned with us for more of the latest anime and manga news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the full name of the DT Tensei manga?

“DT Tensei ~30-sai Made Dоtei Datta Watashi ga Tensei Shitara Shijо Saikyо no Mahоtsukai ni Narimashita!” is the full name of this new upcoming manga.

2. What are the major genres of this new manga?

Isekai and romance are the major genres of this upcoming manga. Before it’s launched, you have enough time to check out some other popular romance manga.

3. What are some of the best manga to read that will be released in 2023?

VTuber Legend, Rinkai, Giant Beasts of Ars, Revengers, and Technologies are the best manga to read in 2023. Even though they all make their debut in 2023, they succeed in getting a great response from fans for their unique storylines and excellent characters.

Source: Kadokawa’ Monthly Shonen Sirius

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