Edens Zero 2nd Season Release Date

Just a year after the end of the first season, Edens Zero 2nd Season has been confirmed. And considering the current events in the manga, we can guarantee you that the new season will be amazing!

Edens Zero 2nd Season Release Date
Edens Zero Anime Season 2 Announcement

The anime of the popular studio J.C. Staff, Edens Zero, will officially get a second season. Edens Zero 2nd season release date will be next year.

The first season officially premiered in April 2021 and has 25 episodes. It ran until October 2021, and covered the first 68 chapters of the manga, ending with the Sun Jewel arc.

The teaser trailer, released on September 16, 2022, confirmed the release date of the new season. It also revealed which arc from the manga will be adapted.

Edens Zero 2nd Season Release Date and Trailer

The trailer released on September 16, 2022, announced the release date of season 2. The exact release date is still unknown, although the second season of Edens Zero will start airing in April 2023.

The exact number of episodes is yet to be announced, but it is logical to assume that the new season will have between 12 and 25 episodes. Since, as the plot progresses, the story becomes more complex, it is difficult to predict which arcs will be adapted in season 2.

We can definitely expect adaptations of the Belial Gore arc (from chapters 69 to 99) and the Edens One arc (from chapters 100 to 104). The question remains whether the anime will begin covering the Aoi Cosmos saga.

Edens Zero 2nd Season Staff and Cast

The staff for Edens Zero will remain largely unchanged. J.C. Staff will once again be the responsible studio, and Shinji Ishihara will be the chief director. Unfortunately, Yushi Suzuki, who directed the anime, passed away on September 9, 2021.

Mitsutaka Hirota wrote the script, and Yurika Sako did the character designs for the anime. As for the cast, the main line-up remains unchanged. In the role of Shiki Granbell, will be Takuma Terashima. Mikako Komatsu will be Rebecca Bluegarden, Rie Kugimiya as Happy, Hiromichi Tezuka as Weisz Steiner, Shiori Izawa as Pino, and Shiki Aoki as Homura Kogetsu. Most of the minor characters will have the same voice actors. New actors will also join the cast.

About Edens Zero

Edens Zero 2nd Season Release Date
Edens Zero Anime Annoucement

The manga Edens Zero is written by Hiro Mashima, the author of Fairy Tail, who launched it in Weekly Shounen Magazine. It started publishing on June 27, 2018 and currently has 23 volumes. Kodansha Comics published the manga in English in digital and printed form.

The story follows Shiki Granbell, a boy adopted by Ziggy, the Demon King. He grew up on Granbell, surrounded by machines without a single friend, as humans hadn’t visited the planet in over 100 years. That changes when Rebecca Bluegarden, together with her friend Happy, lands in the Granbell Kingdom in order to make a B-Cube video. It was Shiki’s first contact with humans.

As the robots turn against them, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy have to escape and so begins their adventure in Sakura Cosmos. Their goal is to find the goddess “Mother”, who can grant any wish. In addition, Shiki’s goal is to make as many friends as possible, which Rebecca and Happy will help him with.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Edens Zero and Fairy Tail Connected?
Does Shiki die in Edens Zero?

The story of Edens Zero involves multiple timelines thanks to Rebekah’s power. In Universe 1, Drakken Joe kills Shiki. However, in Universe 3, Shiki is alive.

Who is the main villain in Edens Zero?

The main villain is Ziggy. He is known as the Demon King who ruled Granbell. He also adopted Shiki.

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