Family BL TV Anime Tadaima, Okaeri Reveals 2nd Trailer, 3rd Visual, Additional Voice Cast Members

BL lovers can fasten their seat belts before diving into the world of Family BL TV anime Tadaima, Okaeri. The long wait is over; the creators have finally released all the needed details. We have the 2nd trailer, 3rd key visual, and additional information regarding the characters and their voice actors. 

It’s the anime adaptation of the popular boys’ love manga series by Ichi Ichikawa. Nothing could have made manga and anime fans happier than the news of their favourite manga hitting the screens. We will watch the anime on our screens on April 8, 2024. Mark your calendars!

Tadaima, Okaeri key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

About Tadaima, Okaeri Anime

We have plenty of details in the recent one-minute 37-second official trailer. It introduced the viewers to the characters’ bittersweet lives and daily challenges. The ending theme song, “Tsunagiai”, was also introduced. Not gonna lie; the ending theme song perfectly matched the vibe of the show and made the story hit straight to the hearts. 

Takayoshi Tanimoto has beautifully performed the song. He has been famous in the music industry professionally since 2001. In the recent trailer, there were two new characters. These two blondes, Yuto and Shuto, are Tomohiro Matsuo’s twin brothers. Their interaction with Aoto, Michiru Mochizuki and their son will make things interesting. 

Talking about the animation production details, the talented director Shinji Ishihira directs the anime at praise-worthy studio DEEN. Yoshiko Nakamura and Mina Osawa manage the series composition and character designs, respectively. Nina Osawa also works as the Chief Animation Director. Juria Matsumura and Masaki Mayuzumu work as the Assistant Director and the Art Director, respectively. 

Colour Designer Yui Azumi and Editor Keiko Onodera have used their magic to perfect the anime. Nippon Columbia and Megumi Ohashi are responsible for Music Production and Music, respectively. The higher-ups have also shared the details regarding the sound department. Shoji Hata works as the Sound Director, and Noriko Izumi manages the Sound Effects.

Tadaima, Okaeri Voice Cast Details

  • Atsushi Tamaru voices Masaki Fujiyoshi
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa voices Hiromu Fujiyoshi
  • Atsumi Tanezaki voices Hikari Fujiyoshi
  • Konomi Kohara voices Hinata Fujiyoshi
  • Taku Yashiro voices Yuki Hirai
  • Kosuke Toriyumi voices Tomohiro Matsuo


The story revolves around house husband Masaki Fujiyoshi and his relationship with his husband Hiromu, who is a male alpha. The couple has a two-year-old son, Hikari, and their bond with him makes the story compelling. The anime highlights the daily challenges and ups and downs of married life and how they deal with it. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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