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interspecies reviewers review

Interspecies Reviewers is, without a doubt, one of the best ecchi television anime of all time, created by Amahara and Masha. Even though it has only released a single season, it became a big hit in the Ecchi genre due to its beautiful female characters and fan service scenes.

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In today’s review, we will discuss its overwhelming and underwhelming factors. So, get ready, fellow Ecchi lover, and read this review to the end to determine whether it is a good pick for you or not. Let’s get started! 

Interspecies Reviewers TV Anime – Plot 

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The series is set in a fantasy world where many types of humanoid species coexist. It features an extremely wide range of beautiful girls from all possible species and is categorized into separate brothels such as demon brothel, fairy brothel, cyclops brothel, myconid brothel, alley brothel, birdwoman brothel, minotaur brothel, succubi brothel, and many more.

Most of these species belong to special brothels called Succu-girls, which work in the night entertainment sector. The species belonging to the Succu-girls are quite famous for their exceptional beauty and their ecchi services to customers.

The other species are quite eager to learn about the Succu-girls and how great they are at providing services. As a result, many people have become reviewers and have started visiting all types of Succu-girls to rate their services. They share their experiences with different Succu girls and their reviews at the local tavern.

Interspecies Reviewers mainly revolve around Stunk (a human), Zel (an elf), and Crimvael (an angel) and their experiences. They are all working as reviewers and enjoying the services of the Succu-girls to the utmost, especially Stunk and Zel. However, Crimvael is trying to find the missing piece of his halo in order to return to heaven. 

Interspecies Reviewers TV Anime – Review 

interspecies reviewers tv anime review
Source: Interspecies Reviewers anime

Let’s first talk about its overwhelming factors that set it apart from other popular harem television anime and make it so popular among fans. The series comes up with the unique concept of reviewing beautiful girls from different species based on their ecchi service to customers.

This is something that we rarely get to see, especially when the creator executes the concept very well within the story. The world-building is also quite impressive, as it excellently depicts all the places where different species live.

Moreover, the series features an extremely wide range of characters from all possible species, including human women, mushroom girls, monster girls, and many more. The detail and distinct personalities of each and every species are quite impressively executed by the creator.

By featuring gender swap potions, it also receives much appreciation from trans individuals. As the series crossed the ecchi borderline and was on the verge of becoming a hentai anime, it created much controversy among fans and the anime industry.

However, the creators did a great job handling all the controversies. They aired all 12 episodes without changing the core philosophies behind the series. Aside from delivering top-notch ecchi moments and fan services, it also brings us a bunch of funny moments that keep you entertained.

The egg-laying episode and the special ceremony of revealing popular girl species are something that every viewer enjoyed. Now let’s move forward to the underwhelming factors of Interspecies Reviewers. It has a repetitive plot that might be boring for some viewers.

Each episode follows the same pattern in which the character finds a new species of girls, engages with them, and reviews them. The series has an excessive amount of lewd content. So, it might be uncomfortable for those who are not fans of lewd anime. 


Despite providing depth to the story and characters, the series mainly focuses on fan service and includes uncomfortable scenes. As a result, the explicit content and fan service of the series may limit its appeal to a broader audience.

However, if you are a fan of ecchi/harem anime and want to experience lewd content, then Interspecies Reviewers is the ultimate pick for you. You should definitely check out the show and review its beautiful girls for yourself. Stay tuned with us for more anime reviews and the latest anime & manga news

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can we watch this Ecchi series?

You can watch it on the D Anime Store and Nico Nico website with English subtitles.

2. Has the Interspecies Reviewer anime ended?

No, it has just released its first season, and the second season will be coming soon. In the first season, they have already adapted the first three volumes of its manga counterpart, while the remaining six volumes are yet to be adapted.

3. Has its original manga counterpart ended?

No, it is an ongoing manga on Dragon Comic Age (Fujimi Shobo) and Yen Press. It currently has a total of 9 volumes, with the 9th volume released on August 9, 2023.

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