Haigakura TV Anime Adaption Announced For 2024


The new anime adaptation of Shinobu Takayama’s fantasy manga series Haigakura will debut in 2024, according to the series’ official website. In addition, Takayama sent fans a unique message regarding the impending TV anime.

From 2008 through 2015, Ichijinsha serialized the Haigakura manga in Comic ZERO-SUM EXTRA WARD. The manga continued to be published on the ZERO-SUM Online website after the Ichijinsha magazine ceased to exist. With 1.3 million copies in print and 16 volumes published, the series is still popular today thanks to a TV anime adaptation.

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Haigakura TV Anime Teaser Visual

A glimpse into the fantastical world of “Haigakura” was revealed through a teaser image crafted by the talented Shinobu Takayama himself. This visual teaser offers a tantalizing sneak peek into what fans can expect when the anime finally graces their screens in 2024:


Message from Author Shinobu Takayama:

Accordingly, Shinobu Takayama, the visionary creator of “Haigakura,” shared his profound thoughts on this remarkable milestone. He expressed:

“It has been 15 years this year since I started drawing the manga in obscurity in a bimonthly magazine. I am amazed at how much time has passed, but I can’t believe that in the 15th year, an anime adaptation has been decided…! Even now, I can’t get over the surprise. To all of you who gave me so much support and effort to make this project a reality, thank you so much. I hope you will continue to support both Haigakura, the manga, and the anime.”

Haigakura Plot

“The heart of “Haigakura” rests within the expansive Senkai universe, where a delicate balance between immortals and humans exists. However, this equilibrium is under dire threat of crumbling. In the face of impending disaster, our protagonist Ichiyou, and his steadfast companion Tenkou embark on a daring odyssey. Ichiyou, a poet-warrior, employs the ingenious Kessai technique to quell the malevolent forces brought about by the four wicked gods who have plunged Senkai into chaos.”

Haigakura Manga

In 2008, Shinobu Takayama embarked on the journey of serializing “Haigakura” within the pages of Ichijinsha’s Zero-Sum Ward publication. Even after the magazine’s print era came to a close in 2015, the manga’s narrative continued to flourish on the digital frontier of Zero-Sum Online. To date, Ichijinsha has released an impressive 16 volumes of the manga, and its influence extends to over 1.3 million copies in circulation, including digital formats.

Frequently Asked Question

When is the “Haigakura” TV anime set to debut?

The “Haigakura” TV anime is scheduled for release in 2024, ushering fans into a captivating world of fantasy and adventure.

How did “Haigakura” continue after the magazine’s closure?

Following the discontinuation of Comic ZERO-SUM EXTRA WARD, “Haigakura” found new life on the digital platform ZERO-SUM Online, allowing the narrative to thrive beyond the confines of traditional publishing.

How has Shinobu Takayama reacted to the anime adaptation?

Shinobu Takayama expressed profound astonishment and gratitude as he celebrated the milestone of an anime adaptation, extending heartfelt thanks to all supporters of “Haigakura.”

How successful is the “Haigakura” manga?

With over 1.3 million copies in circulation and 16 volumes published, the “Haigakura” manga continues to captivate readers, ensuring its enduring legacy

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