Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Release Date

Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2

Heavenly Officials Blessing, also known as “Tian Guan Ci Fu”, is an action and adventure Chinese anime series based on the novel of the same name authored by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. Following the trailer’s release, every fan is wondering about Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 release date.

This Chinese series was initially released in China on October 31, 2020, in its native language, Mandarin Chinese. It consists of a total of 12 episodes, including 1 special episode, and was animated by Haoliners Animation League. Every episode of this series was initially broadcast on Bilibili and later on Funimation.

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Because of its intriguing plot and compelling characters, the viewers greatly loved this series. As a result, it became one of the best anime for beginners, and its anime fans are excited to find out when its upcoming season will air and what they will see in it.

Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2 Release Date and Trailer

Unfortunately, Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 release date has not been officially announced yet. However, its expected release date is October 2022, but it’s been delayed due to unknown circumstances. Furthermore, they also released the new official trailer for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 on their official Twitter account.

Bilibili is a large Chinese over-the-top streaming network that broadcasts anime and other variety shows. Putting all of this together leads to the conclusion that the official release date of this donghua will be announced soon.

Cast and Staff of Heaven’s Blessing Season 2

Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2 Release Date
Source: Funimation Official Twitter- @Funimation

The cast and staff of this upcoming season are the same as in the last season. When it comes to his team, this season was also directed by Li Haoling and written by Chunri Youling. Bickham Clint wrote the storyline, and Amamiya Sora and SID performed the theme song.

In terms of his cast, this season features the same cast as the previous season. Fukuyama Jun plays Hua Cheng, Hiroshi Kamiya plays Xie Lian, Kawasumi Ayako plays Shi Qingxuan, Hikasa Youko plays Ling Wen, Kobayashi Chiaki plays Mu Qing, and Fu Yao plays Fu Yao.

About Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2

Heaven Official’s Blessing follows the onward story in its second season, where it left off in its previous season. In this season, all the anime fans get all the untold answers that they left at the end of season 1.

As we saw at the end of the first anime adaptation, Xie Lian and Hua Cheng, the kings of Ghost City, developed a romantic relationship with each other. However, they may make an official announcement about their love in season 2.

After watching its excellent trailer, which includes some stunning visuals of Xian Le Kingdom and Ghost City, we can’t wait to see season 2. We have great hopes for it and believe that it will break all prior records.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is Heaven’s Official Blessing a must-see Donghua animation?

While watching this amazing series, you will experience several Chinese mythologies, including the heavenly realm, human realm, ghost town, and spiritual power.

2. What type of character will we get to see in Heaven’s Official Blessing?

Heaven Official’s Blessing had excellent character development and had all types of characters, whether they were lively characters, critical characters, or colourful characters. However, its main characters are Prince Xie Lian, a human crown prince, and Hua Cheng, a mysterious ghost king.

3. Where can we watch this wonderful Chinese anime?

You can watch Heaven’s Official Blessing on a very popular Chinese streaming service, Bilibili. While you can also watch it on other popular streaming services, such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

Source: Funimation Official Twitter

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