An Explosion on This Wonderful World Anime Release Date

KONOSUBA: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Anime Release Date Is April 5

KONOSUBA An Explosion On This Wonderful World anime franchise finally revealed the premier release date. The upcoming anime series is ready to hit screens in the spring of 2023, on April 5th, and studio Drive will animate it.

In addition to the broadcast, the official KONSUBA website was also renewed, with both shows accessible from the homepage.

The official release date was out along with a special third promotional video featuring the opening theme song “STAY FREE” by Machico.

The franchise recently also revealed the complete list of characters (including Megumin’s former classmates) along with their cast members and the complete list of staff members.

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You can see the key visual below:

KONOSUBA: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Anime Release Date Is April 5
Twitter via @konosubaanime

The key visual features a young Megumin before she was saved by a busty older woman with the power of explosion magic.

The complete list of cast members includes Rie Takahashi as the fan-favorite Megumin. Aki Toyosaki as the friendless Yunyun, and let’s not forget Maria Naganawa as the adorable Komekko.

Additional cast members include Kaori Nazuka as Arue, Sayumi Suzushiro as Dodonko, Miyu Tomita as Funifura, and Shizuka Ishigami as Nerimaki.

The list of staff members includes Yuujirou Abe, and Takaomi Kanasaki as the series’ directors. Yoshikazu Iwanami as the sound director, Kouichi Kikuta in charge of character designs, Kashiko Kimura for editing. And finally, Yasumasa Koyama for sound effects, and Makoto Uezu for series composition.

KONOSUBA: An Explosion on This Wonderful World Anime 3rd PV

The long-awaited series is finally happening! Megumin’s story is out, and we will finally know what made her decide to use only explosion magic. And vow to use an explosion spell every day. This arc will mainly focus on Megumin’s past prior to joining Kazuma Sato’s party.

The trailer first shows the surprised family of Megumin after her decision that she will rely on explosion magic. And the next scene cuts to her classroom with her classmates, where she is contemplating her decision.

It’s good to see the animation style was on point when it comes to character designs, and the voice acting was perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Megumin decide to follow the path of explosion magic?

A terrifying monster once attacked Megumin and a busty woman saved him by using explosion magic. Megumin then decide to follow the path of explosion and become a different type of Crimson mage.

Why does Yunyun see Megumin as her Rival?

During the time they were both classmates, Megumin was the top student and Yunyun was also 2nd. She started seeing Megumin as her rival. That is why when Megumin decide to not level up her other skills. Yunyun delayed her leveling up to stay at her level.

Source:, and Twitter via @konosubaanime


Get ready for this anime with explosive magic to land smoothly on our screens. The powerful mage is on her way to win our hearts. This anime season, we will watch our favorite Konosuba full of fantasy, action, and much more.

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