Collar × Malice Anime Film New Trailer Released

New Trailer Released Of Collar × Malice Anime Film

In our previous post, you already saw the key visuals for the Collar x Malice anime film. Now, the officials recently released the new trailer for the upcoming Collar x Malice anime film.

Collar x Malice is one of the most popular anime video game series developed by Idea Factory. This game was greatly loved by fans for its wonderful fantasy world and excellent gameplay.

On the other hand, the officials first announced the anime film adaptation of this video game on September 5, 2022. Since getting the news of its anime film adaptation, fans have been eagerly waiting for its release and to watch its trailer.

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Now finally, they released the full official trailer for the series, which fans had been eagerly waiting for a long time. So let’s get straight to this informative news and watch the full trailer of Gekijoban Collar x Malice Deep Cover Film.

Collar x Malice Anime Film Official Trailer

Collar x Malice Anime Film Official Trailer

On May 9, 2023, the Collar x Malice anime film released its official trailer on @C_M_movie, the series’ official Twitter account. Furthermore, the trailer seems quite appealing and features a wide range of hottest male anime characters.

While the trailer already got more than 300k views and good comments from the fans. On the other hand, the film will be released in two parts, the first will be released on May 26, 2023, while the second film will be released on June 23, 2023.

On top of that, its cast, staff, and theme songs have already been revealed by the officials in their previous announcement.

As soon as we get any information about the streaming platforms where the movie will be released digitally, we will immediately share it with you. Till then, stay tuned with us for more of the latest anime and manga news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who produced the Collar x Malice anime film?

This upcoming film will be produced by Studio Deen, one of the best anime studios of all time. On the other hand, this studio also produced several popular anime films, such as Sasaki and Miyano: Graduation, The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light, The World’s Greatest First Love, and so on.

2. Does Collar x Malice have any anime, manga, or light novel series?

No, Collar x Malice does not have any of it, whether it be an anime, manga, or light novel. It just has a video game series that was first released worldwide in 2017. However, they are about to release their first anime film this year.

3. Who are the upcoming anime films of May 2023 other than Collar x Malice film?

Here are the upcoming anime films for May 2023, along with their release dates:
i. Psych0-Pass Providence (May 12)
ii. Gekijoban Idolish7 Live 4bit Beyond the Period (May 20)
iii. The Feast of Amrita (May 26)

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