Ninja Kamui Episode 10 Review

Everyone’s favourite Action fantasy anime is about to end, leaving fans with multiple emotions. Ninja Kamui Episode 10 is released. As soon as we reach close to the last episode of any anime, we experience a sudden growth in tensions. The same goes for this action suspense masterpiece. 

The last episode (9th episode) was quite a letdown for fans. The overall quality drastically decreased, and compared to the initial episodes, it failed to engage the audience. 

Though the expectations for Episode 10 weren’t up, the creators managed to raise our morale again. Having said that, we can expect frequent ups and downs, knowing that within a matter of two weeks, the anime will mark its end.

Nobody had expected the sudden death of Emma, which was completely unnecessary, in my opinion. She was undoubtedly the most exciting and compelling character and her unexpected death left many of us fans heartbroken. 

The fact that hurts even more is that lately, we could see the team starting to be happy and strengthening their bonds. Fans on Reddit literally are creating theories for her to return which we know is near to impossible. 

Anyhow, let’s catch up to Episode 10.

Ninja Kamui Episode 10 Highlights

Ninja Kamui Episode 10 Review

Events from the last episode have left not only the fans but the characters heartbroken. We could clearly see the pain in Higan’s eyes after his comrade’s death. The episode continues with the team struggling to decode Emma‘s code. She had locked all the data solely for security purposes.

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Zai’s Message to Higan

It was going all boring until a crow appeared, and Higan interpreted Zai’s challenge to a duel. The episode’s main highlight was insights into Higan’s past, where we learned about his and Zai’s friendship. We learned how their friendship started with a duel. We do get to see a slight glimpse of their fight but not gonna lie, the action scenes was nothing special. So, don’t get your hopes high. Anyhow,  Zai became quite good friends with Mari. 

Zai’s Message to Higan

Zai’s past was tragic and faced a lot after the death of his parents. Thanks to the crows who looked after him in the dark times of his life. He had almost stopped believing in others, having his faith wholly shattered. Thanks to Higan and Mari’s entry, he was again able to restore his trust in others. 

Things went well with them till the couple revealed that they had broken the ninja code as Mari was pregnant. That’s when Zai went against him because he couldn’t go against the rules. He even wanted him to either kill him or he’ll kill them both. 

Apparently, this scene should have a shocking impact on the audience, but the impact was low, and it was pretty expected. It wasn’t something that could give me an instant adrenaline rush, probably because the expectations from the show were very HIGH! Overall, this episode, in terms of overall quality, was better than the previous one. 

Zai’s Message to Higan

Friend’s Betrayal

Friend's Betrayal

The episode was progressing towards its end with Higan joining Zai to accept the challenge and have a duel. This is not it; another bomb is dropped right before the episode ends. Though it was supposed to be something shocking, it failed to create a massive impact. Mike met his former Partner, who is now one of the high officials in the FBI. He seeks his help as he believes that he used to care for people back in the day, and it would definitely help him seek justice. But there you go, Mike experienced a sudden betrayal from his so-called Partner, who called on his team to arrest him. Hopefully, the upcoming episode will give us goosebumps! 


Why is Ninja Kamui so good?

Ninja Kamui is mainly famous for its unique animation style and visual aesthetics, which makes it stand out from the rest. 

Is Ninja Kamui worth it?

Ninja Kamui is quite a hot topic in the otaku community and has managed to keep the fans entertained. Though the first few episodes are mind-blowing, the show does lose momentum in the middle. Overall, it’s a good show!

Is Ninja Kamui better than solo leveling?

Everybody has a different opinion, but IMO, it’s not even close! Both have completely different stories and we shouldn’t even compare them in the first place. 

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