Tasogare no Hito Manga Launched

Tasogare no Hito manga

After giving several popular series, such as Burn the House Down and Watashi no Arika, Moyashi Fujisawa is ready to launch another series, titled “Tasogare no Hito manga“. Furthermore, the officials have already shared some preview images for this upcoming manga. 

Moyashi Fujisawa got a good response and love from manga fans for his previous works. Each of his manga has a highly engaging storyline, captivating characters, and an amazing art style. As a result, fans are very excited for his new manga and are eager to read it. 

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So, let’s get straight to this informative news and find out in detail about “Tasogare no Hito manga,” such as when it will be released and where we can read it.

Tasogare no Hito Manga Finally Launched

Tasogare no Hito Manga

On July 28, 2023, Moyashi Fujisawa finally launched Tasogare no Hito manga in Kodansha’s Kiss Magazine. Moreover, Tasogare no Hito manga is also known by its English name, “Twilight Person”. On the other hand, the first color page along with some preview pages of Tasogare no Hito manga had already been released.

These pages are released on the official Twitter account of Kodansha’s Kiss Magazine. Moreover, these pages feature Tatsuomi, the main character of the series, along with Riko, a major female character. Let us tell you: drama and suspense are the major genres of this new manga series. 

According to the magazine, this series revolves around Tatsuomi, who recently shifted from the city to a rural place with his entire family. He belongs to a wealthy family that runs a highly profitable company in the city. Due to having gone through several troubled situations in his life, Tatsuomi is planning to kill oneself.

However, Riko, a girl who lived in the same rural area, spotted him and stopped him to kill himself. After that, they gradually came closer to each other and became close friends. Now, it’s very interesting to explore their journey and what new problems are waiting for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is Moyashi Fujisawa a popular manga creator?

Moyashi Fujisawa is the one who brought us two popular manga series, Burn the House Down and Watashi no Arika. Due to creating these two wonderful series, Moyashi got recognition in the industry and became a popular creator among fans.

2. Why is the Tasogare no Hito manga released in Kiss Magazine?

Kiss Magazine is a popular magazine under Kodansha and has only serialized Japanese manga. So, Tasogare no Hito is also a josei manga, so it is very obvious, which is why Moyashi Fujisawa chose Kiss Magazine to serialize this new manga.

3. What is Josei manga, and what are some popular Josei manga?

Josei is one of the major genres in manga whose stories are created especially for adult women. QQ Sweeper, Paradise Kiss, Chihayafuru, Nana, Love is Hard for Otaku, and Nodame Cantabile are the most popular josei manga to read.

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