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New artwork and actor bios have been added to the anime Tale of the Outcasts. The animation for the next anime, which will debut in January 2023, will handle by Ashi Productions.

This anime is a treat for followers of the two genres since it blends historical events with fantasy elements like magic and animals.

So What’s the Plot in the Series?

Wisteria is a little orphan girl living at the end of the nineteenth century in a remote corner of the British Empire. Until she meets Malbus, an immortal solid being with a hairy form that hunters are attempting to catch. Her existence is dissatisfying and lonely.

Wisteria and Malbus are a young couple seeking a peaceful community amid the people living in the Empire. Two lonely animals spend the latter years of the nineteenth century alone in a remote part of London, the hectic city of the British Empire.

An evil ghost that has witnessed everything and has given up hope for a brighter future. And a tiny orphan child who finds happiness despite life’s horrible ups and downs. When these two solitary individuals meet paths, they join forces and embark on a journey together. It will be fascinating to watch how the new program does on the big screen.

The Tale of Outcast Trailer and Key Visuals?

The official website for the television series published the main trailer for the anime The Tale of Outcasts.

In case you forgot, the show’s director is Yasutaka Yamamoto of Ashi Productions. Drawings by Mina Osawa, story by Kenichi Yamashita, Sayaka Harada, and Yasutaka Yamamoto.

the tale of outcasts
Credit: Mina Osawa | The Tale of the Outcast

The former and Hikaru Suzuki collaborated on the direction of this animation. The monsters were developed by Kanta Suzuki, while the music was composed by Hiroaki Tsutsumi and Kana Hashiguchi.

The manga Nokemono-Tachi no Yoru by Makoto Hoshino served as the inspiration for the anime The Tale of Outcasts. However, from August 2019 to April 2021, It will publish in the Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine of Shogakukan. The manga was also release by Doki-Doki in France under the name story of the Outcasts.

What We Can Expect From this Anime?

The Tale of the Outcasts is a fantastic fantasy anime series with a fascinating narrative and original world construction. If Crunchyroll licenses the show, it will undoubtedly have plenty to offer viewers, particularly those from outside.

The fantastical setting of the series has humans coexisting with a number of enigmatic creatures, including monster-like species.

The staff of the anime earlier revealed that Ryota Osaka will play the role of Wisteria’s older brother Snow and that Ayana Taketatsu and Katsuyuki Konishi will portray the major characters Wisteria and Marbas, respectively.

The Tale of Outcasts Cast and Release Date?

The show will debut on Japanese networks on January 8, 2023. Furthermore, it is available on Crunchyroll for French viewers. New character art and information on other cast members have been released for the Tale of the Outcasts anime. The animation will be done by Ashi Productions.


In conclusion, The Tale of Outcasts stands poised to captivate audiences with its unique blend of fantasy and history. The intricate plot, coupled with a stellar cast and creative direction, sets the stage for a memorable viewing experience. So What do you guys think of this anime adaptation or anime update? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s the release date of this Anime?

The show will debut on Japanese networks on January 8, 2023. Furthermore, it is available on Crunchyroll for French viewers.

Q2. What inspired The Tale of Outcasts?

A: The anime draws inspiration from the manga Nokemono-Tachi no Yoru by Makoto Hoshino, serialized from August 2019 to April 2021.

Q3. Where to read The Tale of Outcast Manga?

You can read it on Book Walker.

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