The world’s Biggest Anime Store Is Going To Open In Japan

Japan is home to anime and manga, and therefore, it’s no surprise that the biggest anime store will be opened there.

biggest anime store in the world
Building Exterior

Due to many problems, the past few years have been difficult for anime businesses in Tokyo. Therefore, the news of the opening of a new shop in the Ikebukuro neighborhood excited Otakus.

The Animation Business Journal reported that Animate, Japan’s largest anime/manga business, will have a grand re-opening of its main Ikebukuro shop on March 16. Animate’s main Ikebukuro store holds a grand reopening on the retailer’s 40th anniversary.

The store will be expanded and become the biggest anime store in the world. The new extension will be built on the site of the former Ikebukuro Public Health Center. New spaces, such as a theater and an event facility, will also be created for visitors to enjoy.

The building will have 10 floors, including the basement. This will not only be a place for shopping but anime and manga fans will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of content. In addition to the usual shops where you can find anime/manga/game merch, new areas have also opened.

In addition to the previously mentioned theater, there will be an art exhibition gallery, a stand with character art latte beverages and cookies with icing, and three theater halls for concerts, events, stage performances, talk shows, and more.

Floor Guide of Biggest Anime Store

  • 9th floor: Animate Hall Black, Animate Hall White
  • 8th floor: Space Galleria
  • 7th floor: Animate Only Shop
  • 6th floor: CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games
  • 5th floor: Character goods
  • 4th floor: Character goods
  • 3rd floor: Manga, art books
  • 2nd floor: Manga
  • 1st floor: Character goods, Gratte
  • Basement level: Animate Theater

9F_ Animate Hall White; Animate Hall Black

“Animate Hall White” and “Animate Hall Black” will replace the former “Animate Hall”. These spaces will be used for various live performances, autograph sessions, screenings, and talk shows.

This is Animate’s first exhibition space that will feature works from all genres such as anime, manga, novellas, games, and more.

7F_ Anime Only Shop

Animate Online Shop will be on the 7th floor. In addition to selling merchandise, it is an event space for product sales that provides a fun environment for your favorite works, such as panel exhibitions and photo corners.

4F_ Space a la mode

It is the area where you can find goods that add new colors to the charm of “characters” such as “clothing” and “apparel”. In addition to original products of “Space A la mode”, they will sell “arti-mate” products.

1F_ Animate Cafe Gratte

Gratte currently sells at 6 stores: in Tokyo (Shibuya, Kichijoji), Osaka, Okayama, Sendai, and Yokohama. It will open already on January 26, 2023.

B2F_ Animate Theater

“Animate Theater” will open in the basement of the largest anime store. There will be stage performances, drama readings, and a talk show.

Biggest Anime Shop
Animate Ikebukuro main store grand opening logo

The Animate Ikebukuro Main Store logo uses the exterior of the building as its main motif, and the theme is connection. They aim to be a store that many fans will love. That’s why they used the color “Animate Blue” and the pink color because the opening will be in the spring when the cherry tree blooms.

Animate store manager” new illustration

Biggest Anime Shop
“Animate store manager” illustration

Cartoonist Kazuhiko Shimamoto also created an illustration featuring the promotional characters “animate store manager” Meito Anizawa and Lamika Hoshii.

Upcoming Events at Biggest Anime Store


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest anime store in Japan?

Animate is Japan’s biggest retail chain for anime goods and it has several locations open in Tokyo. 

Where are anime shops located in Japan?

Akihabara is the center of gaming, manga, and anime culture in Japan. 

When did animate Ikebukuro open?

It opened in 1983.

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