To Your Eternity Season 2 Reveals Third Trailer

To Your Eternity was an epic release in 2021, winning millions of hearts. It’s been a year for fans waiting for To Your Eternity Season 2. Undoubtedly, it was a masterpiece, giving us some major heartbreaks. Why? Because almost all the characters died. Overall, the anime was fantastic as it managed to relate with the audience well.

You can see the trailer below:

Trailer Review To Your Eternity Season 2

A Glimpse Into The World Of To Your Eternity 

It all started with an orb that had the power to shapeshift all things living and non-living. Fushi could learn from people, literally everything, from eating, speaking, loving, and hating. A mysterious being was the one who sent him to this world. He wanted him to protect the world against the destructive entities called Nokkers.

During his journey of learning, he met different people and created deep bonds with them. Unfortunately, they all died, being a permanent part of Fushi’s life as he could shapeshift anyone after their death.

There was thrill, emotions, fantasy, action, and a lot more. All of these elements spellbound the fans throughout.

Additional Cast and Key Visual

Official Keyvisual – Nep_Fumetsu Twitter

Has To Your Eternity Season 2 Released Its Third Trailer?

I bet you are a fan who can’t wait to watch Fushi on the screens. I have brought good news for you which might tease you to the fullest. Guess what? Thanks to the creators, they decided to test the patience of fans with To Your Eternity season 2’s third trailer. AND trust me, guys, it’s the best. 

For now, fans were go wild over the 2 trailers released by the creators. But there is more to it, as To Your Eternity season 2 has revealed its third trailer. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

The trailer looks thrilling. We can see our very own Fushi facing challenges with courage and bravery. He is also seen building some new, beautiful connections while remembering the ones he lost. 

The glimpse of Hayase and other characters from the first season makes it emotional. Above all, we can hear some ear-blessing music from behind. Turns out it’s the first opening theme song of the anime “Pink Blood.”

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About To Your Eternity Season 2

Hikaru Utada, the famous singer, has lent her melodious voice to To Your Eternity season 2 as well. Her melodious voice has simply added to the charm of the story. As per expectations and hints given to us by the creators, we can expect some bigger challenges in this season. 

However, the good news is, this time as well, he may not be alone as some good companions will join him. A number of new characters are expected to be introduced.  So, yes, we can say that To Your Eternity season 2 will not disappoint its fans. 

The trailer looks promising, making it difficult for us fans to wait any longer.  


Is Fushi A Boy or a girl?

Fushi is a boy, but he can shapeshift into anyone, regardless of gender.

Is to your eternity one of the saddest anime?

Yes, it has managed to make fans cry the hardest.


All we can do is wait for To Your Eternity Season 2 ’ s first episode to air. The wait is difficult for sure, but it’s all worth it. Let’s hope we won’t be shedding tears as much as we did in the last season. Enjoy!

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