UniteUp Anime Release Date Is Announced

UniteUp is an upcoming musical and idol anime series that was created by Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Due to its superb musical theme and inspiring male idol story, fans were excited to know what this anime looked like. As a result, fans were eagerly awaiting the UniteUp anime release date.

You can guess how anticipated this anime is by the fact that it will soon get hyped right after its announcement. This is because it was created by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, one of the best musical companies in Japan.

As a consequence, it is the perfect pick for music lovers because this is what the Sony Music Company is famous for. Sony Music Entertainment Japan hired one of the finest voice actors and most experienced staff to make this series.

That is because the officials want to make this series perfect so that everyone believes that no one comes close to Sony Music Entertainment Japan in terms of musical anime and songs.

So without any further delay, let’s get straight to this informative news about the UniteUp anime release date and its wonderful trailer.

UniteUp Anime Release Date And Trailer

Fortunately, UniteUp anime release date has been confirmed by the officials. This announcement was made by sharing a promotional video during the stage of the Animate Girls Festival 2022 event on November 5, 2022.

The promotional video for the series revealed the release date and cast details of the show. They not only shared the release date of the series but also its key visuals. According to the announcement, the UniteUp anime series will premiere on January 7, 2023.

They also shared the broadcasting platform where it will be released. This upcoming series will be released on several television networks, such as Tokyo MX, BS11, MBS, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, Fukuoka Broadcasting, and Nagoya Broadcasting Network.

Furthermore, the officials of UniteUp anime also released the official trailer for the series. On November 5, 2022, they released the trailer on the series’ official Youtube channel and got good responses from fans.

Cast and Staff of UniteUp anime

UniteUp! anime Casts
Source: UniteUp! anime official twitter account

The officials of “UniteUp” revealed some of the major cast and staff of the series on their latest promotional video. Its cast and staff include some of the talented artists who previously worked on several popular anime series.

In this wonderful anime series, Kikunosuke Toya will portray the role of Akira Kiyose, Amon Hirai will portray the role of Chihiro Isuzugawa, and Ryoutarou Yamaguchi will portray the role of Banri Naoe.

On the other hand, Magura Sukegawa will portray the role of Daiki Takao, and Shinnosuke Morikage will portray the role of Eishiro Nijo. When it comes to the staff, this fantastic series will be directed by Shinichirou Ushijima, with action directors Hiromi Ishigami.

While Rino Yamazak supervises the series’ composition and is also the script writer for the series. Majiro is designing the characters and is also the chief animation director, alongside Asami Komatsu and Yurie Hama. And last but not least, CloverWorks is the animation studio behind this much-awaited anime series.

The officials also stated that the theme song “UniteUp” will be performed by the cast of the series. So it’s very interesting to hear how the cast themselves perform the theme song of their own series.

About the plot of the UniteUp anime series?

UniteUp is a musical anime series that depicts the wonderful story of male idols. It depicts the story of four groups of idols, such as Protostar, Legit, Jaxx/Jaxx, and AneLa.

In the series, Akira Kiyose sang on a video streaming site until he was selected to be a member of the Protostar idol group by sMiLea Production. This production company is a talent agency, and they are finding young talent to form an excellent group of idols.

Throughout the series, they succeed in forming three male idol groups and train them with the help of AneLa, a well-known pair of idols. They are about to make their debuts and deliver some of the best performances that any idol fan would enjoy to the fullest.

What will we get to see in the UniteUp anime series?

UniteUp! anime release date
Source: UniteUp! anime official twitter account

UniteUp is the best pick if you are looking forward to exploring the lives of idols, especially male idols. This series explains how an idol group is formed and the type of life they lead, such as their daily routine.

As it was created by one of the best musical companies in Japan, Sony Music Entertainment so obviously showcase some excellent musical pieces. As a result, fans also had a lot of expectations from the series, especially in terms of music and songs.

While watching the trailer for the series, its characters seem quite attractive and captivating. The trailer’s music and song are also good enough to pique the interest of fans, particularly music fans.

If you want to know more deeply about their music and songs, then you can check out their official Youtube channel.


1. Is there a UniteUp manga or novel series?

No, UniteUp is entirely an original anime series created by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

2. How many idol groups appeared in UniteUp anime series?

There are a total of four male idol groups that will appear in UniteUp anime series.
Following are the idol groups and their members:
i. Protostar (Akira Kiyose, Banri Naoe, and Chihiro Isuzugawa)
ii. Legit (Daiki Takao, Eishiro Nijo, and Fuga Togo)
iii. Jaxx /Jaxx (Gakuto Haruka, Homare Katsura, Izumi Kashii, Jun Wakasa, and Kanata Morinomiya)
iv. AneLa (Lin Otsuki and Maoto Tsujido)

3. Is there an anime similar to UniteUp that depicts female idol stories?

Yes, the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls U149 anime series is very similar to UniteUp anime. It depicts a wonderful and inspiring story of a group of female idols.

We hope you have received all of the necessary information regarding the Uniteup! anime release date. Stay tuned with us for more useful news and fantastic anime write-ups.

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