Wind Breaker Episode 7 Review – Sakura vs. Togame

Time for the most awaited Wind Breaker Episode 7 Review. This episode will definitely give you goosebumps throughout and will keep you thrilled. The banger episode was full of breathtaking fight scenes, and I hope you can guess already about the participants. Yes, my friends, the episode where we see Togame and Sakura in action!

Are you ready? Let’s dive deep into the highlights of the episode!

Togame Jo’s Fighting Stance & Impressive Speed

Wind Breaker Episode 7 Review

Anyhow, we all were easily expecting something big from Togame Jo and the fact that it would be a challenging fight for Sakura. His skills, fighting prowess, and speed were very different for Sakura to keep up. 

Wind Breaker Episode 7 Review

However, I appreciate how our handsome boy was doing his best to keep up with him without disappointing us. The fight wouldn’t have been fun if it were easy for our Sakura to win. I sincerely thank the anime creators for making this fight intense, captivating, and according to otakus’ high standards.

Haruka Sakura’s MIND BLOWING Speed-up!

Sakura vs Togame

Oh my, even after almost getting knocked out, our hero didn’t give up. In fact, the more he was injured, the more it pumped him to get up and give Togame a hard time. Togame’s words made him furious, and Sakura’s expression changed totally. I am sure nobody would have expected such a scary expression implying his strong will, determination, and courage.

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“You won’t beat me even if you kill me.”

Now, this dialogue won my heart; I became a die-hard fan of Sakura, and trust me, there’s no going back. It was indeed a breathtaking fight! 

Togame Jo’s Backstory

Choji and jo

We finally get to learn how Togame became a part of Lion’s Head and how became freinds with their leader Choji. Surprisingly enough, Togamae was a kind-hearted person, and actually, it was Choji who couldn’t stand the weaklings. His strong devotion to power and strength made things chaotic.

To protect Choji’s image, Togame stained his own image and accepted the path of cruelty in his place. Turns out, he knew that Strengths bind people and not break them, but it was not something their leader could understand. Sakura’s words affect him hard, and the episode ends only to be continued. 

No one had won, and we still had to wait for a week more to see who won the fight. Togame’s flashback hit him hard enough that he was not giving his all to the battle. 

Final Notes

Not gonna lie; each episode is better than the previous one. I absolutely loved the episode and I highly recommend you watch it. The fighting style, direction, animation, background music, and everything else was top-notch. The higher-ups didn’t disappoint us, and we love them for keeping the standards of Wind Breaker HIGH!

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