A Condition Called Love Episode 6 Review—Hotaru’s Realization

Thanks to all my otaku friends who were waiting for A Condition Called Love Episode 6 Review. The anime was boring from the last few episodes, but this episode was beautiful. We finally got something interesting to see that made us feel multiple emotions

With the entry of a new character, Yao Sohei, the duo came to realize each other’s feelings even better. The episode was full of sweet and adorable moments that effortlessly spellbound the viewers.

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Hotaru’s Realization Of Her True Feelings– A Condition Called Love Episode 6 Review & highlights

A Condition Called Love Episode 6 Review

A lot happened in this episode, but Hotaru’s realization of her love for Saki Hananoi was the highlight. Finally, the innocent lady decided to confess her beautiful feelings to her lover, and it was a daunting task. The whole episode went by with her failed attempts to say, “I Like You.” Watching her find it challenging to confess made the entire episode enjoyable

Things become even more complicated when Hotaru comes across Yao Sohei, her friend from elementary school. 

Hananoi’s Fear Of Losing Hinase Hotaru

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The male lead’s fear stemmed from seeing Yao’s closeness with Hotaru. His feeling of fear made him visit her quite often, making her anxious. Actually, at first, one might misunderstand Hananoi for being a red flag and getting jealous. 

However, this is not the case. Hananoi had always been heartbroken because people always chose someone else over him. This is understandable for someone who has been lonely and left alone. The fact that he accepted and apologized for being clingy makes him a whole GREEN CARPET.

The cute boy even promised not to bother her anymore with a smile on his face. Thanks to Hotaru chan, who was quick enough to understand his feelings and confront him to clear all the misunderstandings and doubts.

Hotaru’s Trauma

Hotaru's Trauma

After meeting Yao, our female lead was confronted with all her haunting memories of the past. We learned that her best friend cut her hair out of jealousy because she thought Hotaru liked Yao. The unexpected treatment from her friend and her regret of not being able to understand her friend’s feelings emotionally broke her. 

This is also why it took her longer than usual to understand Hananoi’s feelings towards her and to finally accept them. 

The Love Birds’ Understanding

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I absolutely love how the anime portrays the story, which is full of lessons for youngsters. It tells us how to deal with things and complexities maturely. The fact that Hotaru could feel annoyed by Hananoi’s possessiveness, she tried to see through his perspective. Also, Hananoi’s clear intentions and the ability to apologize are something to look up to. 

The couple’s understanding of each other and their efforts to not hurt each other at all costs makes their relationship IDEAL! I hope after reading A Condition Called Love Episode 6 Review, you will also gather a lot of positive lessons. 

Final Notes

This episode was entertaining and heart-warming compared to the previous ones. It managed to spellbind the anime fans of Shojo romance right from the start. I believe that so far, the anime has done a fantastic job of introducing a new perspective to the viewers regarding relationships. Do you agree with that? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Is Hotaru a girl?

Yes, she is a girl!

Is Hotaru good or bad?

Hotaru Hinase is a sweet and innocent girl.

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