Akira Toriyama Stop Drawing Manga But Why?

Akira Toriyama stop drawing manga

Akira Toriyama is a legendary Japanese artist who created Dragon Ball, the greatest anime franchise of all time. Recently, Akira gave the answer to the most anticipated question about him: Why did Akira Toriyama stop drawing manga?

As the creator of such a popular franchise, fans were always looking to know everything about Akira. There are lots of unanswered questions fans want to ask Akira Toriyam.

Out of which, why he did stop drawing manga is one of the most anticipated questions that fans want to know. So, as you know, the Akira’s Sand Land anime movie will be released soon.

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In his latest comment section on Sand Land’s official website, he reveals the reason behind it. Furthermore, you will be definitely surprised to know his reasons. So without any further delay, let’s get straight to this information and find out his reason to stop drawing manga.

Why did Akira Toriyama stop drawing manga?

Akira Toriyama stop drawing manga
Source: Akira Toriyama Facebook Fanpage: www.facebook.com/AkiraToriyama/

Akira Toriyama is one of the finest Japanese artists, whether it be his incredible writing skills or his amazing drawing skills. It is very unusual that after getting huge success with Dragon Ball and Doctor Slump, Akira stopped drawing manga.

When he debuted in the manga industry, he had a wooden pen holder—or it might have been his lucky charm—that helped him get recognized among fans.

Furthermore, with the help of this pen holder, he created a masterpiece such as Dragon Ball, which not only became the biggest hit in Japan but also took the popularity of anime to all parts of the world.

On the other hand, he regularly modified his favorite pen holder and never used any other pen holder in his entire career. However, when he finished the Sand Land manga, he lost his favorite pen.

After that, he tried his best to find the best replacement for it. But he never found a worthy replacement for his closest penholder. As a result, he decided not to draw anything for his manga and was only going to write the story of it.

So, it can be said that Sand Land manga is the last work of Akira Toriyama as an illustrator. Furthermore, as you can also see, he illustrated and wrote the Dragon Ball manga by himself, but for the Dragon Ball Super manga, he added Toyotarou as as an illustrator.

In short, Akira Toriyama stopped drawing manga after finishing Sand Land in 2000 because he lost his favorite wooden pen holder that he had used since his debut in the manga industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is Toriyama’s favorite DBZ character?

Akira Toriyama has said many times that Piccolo is his all-time favorite character of the entire franchise. After that, slightly lower than Piccolo, he loved Goku the most, as we all know, because he is the main character of the franchise.

2. Did Toriyama not like Vegeta?

Yes, you can say Vegeta is the one Akira likes the least in the franchise. But it does not mean he is Akira’s most hated character. He also gave many reasons why he doesn’t like Vegeta, such as his evil actions, his way of talking, and many other things.

3. Who is the rarest Saiyan in Dragon Ball?

There is no doubt: Broly is the rarest Saiyan in the Dragon Ball franchise. Hower, Gohan, and Trunks are also different Saiyans, but they are not as rare as Broly is. You will yourself notice how tremendously Broly develops his fighting skills and that his moves and transformations are on another level where nobody can stand against him, even Goku and Vegeta.

Source: Sand Land Anime’s Official Website

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