Oshi no Ko’s Opening Theme Becomes Spring 2023’s Most Viewed Anime Song

Oshi no Ko’s opening theme

As you currently enjoy Oshi No ko, newly released idol anime from April 12, 2023, on Netflix and Bilibili. On one hand, this series gains lots of attention and viewership from fans; on the other hand, Oshi No Ko’s opening theme song breaks records.

Oshi No Ko is an idol anime series that depicts the story of a female idol. As a result, it features beautiful music and songs that fans will definitely like. At first, we all thought it would also be an ordinary idol anime and feature average songs and music.

However, we were all wrong, and no one has any idea what the officials will prepare for us. Finally, they recently released the full version of “Idol”, the series’s opening theme song, which broke several records just within a day of its release.

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So let’s get straight to this informative news and find out what records it breaks and whom it defeats in this race.

Oshi no Ko’s Opening Theme Song Became the Most Viewed Anime Song of Spring 2023

Oshi no Ko’s Opening Theme Song

Fortunately, on April 12, 2023, the officials released the first episode of the Oshi No Ko anime on several Japanese television networks and Netflix.

On the same date that its first episode was released, they also released the full version of the series’s opening theme song. Moreover, “Idol” is the opening theme song for the series. This song was performed by Yaosobi, the popular musical duo in Japan.

Here are the complete members who performed “Idol” song:

  • Ayase- Producer, Songwriter, Keyboard, Synthesiser, Sampler
  • Ikura- Vocals
  • Zacro Misohagi- Keyboard Chorus
  • AssH- Guitar
  • Honogumo- Drum
  • Hikaru Yamamoto- Bass

On the other hand, this full version of “Idol” was released on their artist’s official Youtube channel, the Ayase/Yoasobi Youtube channel.

Furthermore, you will be shocked to know that just within the first six days of its release, it crossed 19 million views and is about to reach 1 million likes. As a result, the “Idol” song from the Oshi No Ko anime became the most-viewed anime song of spring 2023.

By doing so, it created a record and beat several popular series’ songs, such as Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village’s song, which just crossed 1.7 million views within two days.

It is such a proud day for the officials of Oshi No Ko anime and their staff members to reach such a great number and get such enormous love and attention from fans.

Moreover, they have to celebrate this day and give praise to their team members, especially the performers of the “Idol” song. Lastly, if you have not watched this beautiful and amazing song, you have to hear it once and decide for yourself how incredible it is.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the ending theme song of the Oshi No Ko anime? Is it also popular as a series opening theme song?

“Mephisto” is the ending theme for the series that was performed by Queen Bee. No, it is not as popular as the series’ opening song. But it’s also a good theme song that you have to hear once.

2. What are some of the best anime songs of all time?

There are numerous excellent anime songs and amazing music that have debuted in the past 20 years. However, Rumbling from Attack on Titan, Gurenge from Demon Slayer, Sparkle from Your Name, and Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul are my most favorite anime songs of all time. You can check out this amazing list of the best anime songs of all time.

3. What is the name of the first episode of Oshi No Ko Anime?

“Mother and Children” is the name of the first episode of the series that was recently released on April 12, 2023.

Source: Ayase/Yoasobi Youtube Channel

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