Bogard One Piece: Everything to Know about Him

One Piece is like a character buffet, serving up over a thousand named folks so far. Sure, everyone’s got their eyes on the big shots like the Straw Hat Pirates, the Worst Generation, and the game-changing baddies, but there’s a whole bunch of unsung heroes in the background too. Take Shanks, Monkey D. Dragon, and Monkey D. Garp, for instance. These guys don’t exactly hog the spotlight, yet they’ve managed to snag themselves a cozy spot in fans’ hearts. And then there are the true underdogs, like Bogard.

Bogard is Garp’s right-hand man, and you’d need a magnifying glass to find the few crumbs of dialogue and screen time he gets. We don’t even know his rank in the Marines – it’s like trying to crack a secret code. All we’ve got is his name and the fact that he’s tight with Garp. Still, he’s been riding shotgun with the Marine hero since the Gol D. Roger days, so he’s got to be the strong, silent type.

bogard one piece
Credit: One Piece Fandom Wiki

Bogard’s got skills – no doubt about it. He’s been holding it down as Vice Admiral Garp’s wingman for ages. One Piece Fans are obsessed with this mysterious character. Maybe it’s the air of mystery, or perhaps the allure of being part of the Marine dream team. Either way, Bogard’s got that special something that keeps fans rooting for the underdog, no matter how minor.

Who is Bogard in One Piece

Bogard stands tall, towering over Monkey D. Garp by about half a head. The guy’s got this neat, short haircut, and he’s all suited up in a marine coat, casually draped over his shoulders. Matching beige suit, complete with a hat that’s playing hide-and-seek with his eyes in the shadows.

On his left hip, there’s a katana hanging there, snugly secured with a brown strap. The sword’s got a cool grey-wrapped hilt, a golden rounded-cross-shaped tsuba, and a sheath that’s this deep, rich green.

Bogard’s face is perpetually sporting a scowl, like the corners of his mouth have a gravitational pull downwards. Even in his marine rookie days, he had this air of seriousness about him. And when he does crack a smile, it’s more of a sly smirk.

Additionally, in the last 38 years, Bogard’s look hasn’t changed. He’s frozen in time, rocking the same vibe he does today.

Oh, and he’s got a thing for the kiseru pipe – you’ll catch him puffing away during Garp’s tests, giving off this vibe of absolute calm.

bogard one piece
Credit: One Piece Fandom Wiki

In the live-action world, Armand Aucamp brings Bogard to life. Even though he’s not the main act in the One Piece saga, he’s hands down one of the coolest characters around.

Now, Bogard’s been putting in serious hours with the Marines. He was in Fleet Admiral Kong’s office when Garp got the offer to become an Admiral. That was a good 27 years before the series kicked off. So, rough estimate – Bogard’s got a three-decade-long career in the Marines, living through the era of Roger and the Golden Age of Pirates.

When Does Bogard Appear

Let’s kick it back to the East Blue Saga, where the adventures of Bogard continue to unfold.

Diary of Koby

Bogard’s on a mission with Garp, playing the escort for none other than the troublemaker Marine Captain Morgan. They’re all set to deliver this guy for prosecution, but things take a wild turn. Morgan decides to go full-on wild and attacks Garp. Quick as a flash, Bogard goes for his sword, ready to throw it down. But, Morgan pulls a sneaky move and grabs Helmeppo as a hostage, and Bogard’s gotta play it cool for a sec.

As Morgan makes a run for it with Helmeppo on a tiny boat, Bogard’s not having it. He shouts orders and Marine soldiers roll out. Koby tries to pull a hero move by standing in front of the cannon with pistols in hand. But Bogard? He’s not fazed. With some serious sword finesse, he slices up Koby’s guns like it’s a kitchen knife through butter.

When you think things are settling down, Garp drops a bombshell. He wants to take Koby and Helmeppo to Marine Headquarters with him. bet Bogard and the other Marines are left shocked.

Then there’s the training session with Koby and Helmeppo. Bogard, with just one hand, held his own against three swords like it was a walk in the park.

Water 7 Saga

So, Bogard’s at Water 7, hanging with Koby and Helmeppo, part of Garp’s crew checking out the Straw Hat Pirates. That is until Roronoa Zoro waltzes in, throwing punches at the Marines. Bogard spots Zoro and goes, “Oh, that’s the ‘Pirate Hunter’ with the bounty.”

Now, when Garp says that he won’t be arresting Luffy because he’s his grandson, Bogard’s not having it. He calls out Garp’s excuse, telling him to just say that the Straw Hats “got away.”

Fast forward to the ship life – Bogard’s right there with Garp when the vice admiral starts grumbling about Sengoku playing puppet master, making them chase after Luffy. It’s like a backstage pass to the drama, and Bogard’s soaking it all in.

Egghead Arc

Fast forward to the post-Timeskip era, and Bogard is spotted on Garp’s battleship during SWORD’s raid on Hachinosu. It’s like the reunion we’ve all been waiting for.

After more than a decade of radio silence in the One Piece universe, Bogard’s making a triumphant comeback. In the Egghead Island Arc, Garp leads a Marine raid on Hachinosu to bust Koby out from the clutches of the Blackbeard Pirates. It’s a high-stakes mission, especially with some heavy-hitting members of the Blackbeard crew still in the mix.

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The manga kind of breezes through Bogard’s role in the Hachinosu raid, thanks to the breakneck pace of the storyline. But knowing how the anime likes to stretch out the good stuff, there’s a solid chance we’ll see Bogard in action on screen for the first time.

Even a powerhouse like Monkey D. Garp could use a little backup against the Blackbeard Pirates. Sure, Koby, Helmeppo, and the rest of the Marine crew are there to lend a hand, but having a seasoned pro like Bogard in the is a game-changer.

Speculations About Bogard in One Piece

Eiichiro Oda’s got his ears to the ground, and it’s evident in Bogard’s appearances in the live-action One Piece adaptation and the Egghead Island Arc.

bogard one piece
Credit: One Piece Fandom Wiki

The latest One Piece issue threw fans for a loop. Garp, in the thick of it with Shiryu of the Rain, took a hit that’s got everyone on edge. Even Garp’s ship, loaded with SWORD members and Blackbeard Pirates prisoners, got targeted by Avalo Pizarro of the Blackbeard Pirates.

But don’t wave the white flag just yet – you can bet there’s a rescue mission brewing to snatch the Vice Admiral from the clutches of Blackbeard.

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Now, Bogard’s role in all this is a bit of a mystery until the curtain lifts on the upcoming events. It’s tough to gauge just how strong Bogard is and how much weight his presence at Hachinosu carries. But when the time’s right, wouldn’t be a shocker to see him swoop in and back up his trusted ally, Garp. Until then, it’s a waiting game, and the suspense is killing us!


Fans can’t resist a good mystery, and while Bogard’s power level might not be as earth-shattering, it’s still a blast to let our imaginations run wild. So, stay tuned and keep those eyes peeled for more anime updates and juicy speculations coming your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Bogard’s name known?

We get to know Bogard’s name in ep 68 of the anime. This is not the case with the manga as it is not revealed then.

Does Koby carry guns?

Koby’s not packing any guns in the anime version. But in the manga, he used to.

Can Bogard use Haki?

it’s unclear if he’s able to use Haki or not. These questions will likely be answered if he does appear at Hachinosu.

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