Danmachi Season 5 | Everything We Know So Far

Danmachi Season 5

Danmachi is also widely known by its other name, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”. This series has already released a total of four seasons, and now fans are waiting for Danmachi Season 5.

Moreover, the 4th season of Danmachi just finished on March 18, 2023, and fans still can’t hold themselves back from continuing the story. As a result, they keep searching and are always eager to know anything about the 5th season of Danmachi.

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The only reason for its enormous popularity and fans eagerness is the series’s epic world building and wide range of beautiful female characters, or better to say waifu. So let’s get straight to this informative news and get everything we know so far about Danmachi Season 5.

Danmachi Season 5 Expected Release Date

Danmachi Season 5

Unfortunately, the officials have not yet shared any information about the release of the fifth season of Danmachi. But there is no need to worry because the 4th season of the series is just finished and the officials need some time to announce anything.

Moreover, Danmachi had more than enough material left to be adapted, which confirms that season 5 will definitely come. Seeing the release pattern and its hype among fans, we can conclude that Danmachi Season 5 will be expected to release at the beginning of 2024.

However, these are just predictions, and we have to wait for their official announcement. As soon as we get any further information about its exact release date, we will immediately share it with you.

Cast and Staff of Danmachi Season 5

Danmachi Season 5

Danmachi season 5 will likely have the same cast members as its previous four seasons. All the previous cast members did a great job in the past 4 seasons, especially the main character’s voice artists. That’s why it is near-impossible to replace them with any new voice artists.

Here are the confirmed cast members for season 5:

  • Hestia, whose voice will be provided by Inori Minase,
  • Bell Cranell, whose voice will be provided by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka,
  • Aisha Belka, whose voice will be provided by Akeno Watanabe,
  • Maryu, whose voice will be provided by Akira Sekine,
  • Neze Rankett, whose voice will be provided by Asuna Tomari

On the other hand, we can say anything about its staff members. This is because most series will frequently replace their staff members while producing new seasons. However, the 5th season of Danmachil will definitely be produced by J.C. Staff, who produced all the past seasons of the series.

This is the same studio that brought us plenty of popular series such as One Punch Man, Date a Live, Food War, Bakuman, Maid Sama, and so on. 

What will we get to see in Danmachi Season 5?

Danmachi Season 5

The first four seasons of Danmachi already adapted the stories from Volumes 1 to 15 from their light novel counterparts.

Here are the volumes that have already been covered by the past four seasons:

  • Volume 1 to Volume 5 are covered by Season 1.
  • Volume 6 to Volume 8 are covered by Season 2.
  • Volumes 9 to 11 are covered by Season 3.
  • Volume 12 to Volume 15 are covered by Season 4.

So, Danmachi Season 5 will cover the story from chapter 1: A Story Love Letter onwards and will enter the 16th volume of its light novel.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative news to be useful. Stay tuned with us for more of the latest anime and manga news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the Danmachi manga and light novel finished?

No, Danmachi is an ongoing light novel series on Yen Press that has already released a total of 18 volumes. Moreover, its manga series is also ongoing on Yen Press and has been released in a total of 14 volumes.

2. Where can we watch Danmachi anime?

You can watch all four seasons of Danmachi on two very popular streaming platforms, Hidive and Amazon Prime Video.

3. Is Danmachi a harem anime?

Yes, Danmachi is considered one of the most popular harem anime and is filled with plenty of fanservice. Moreover, it also has a wide range of beautiful female characters that can be considered anime waifu.

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