Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date

Dr Stone season 3 release date

Dr. Stone is one of the best sci-fi anime series of all time, produced by TMS Entertainment. After releasing two seasons, the officials have now finally revealed the Dr. Stone season 3 release date. The first season of this series, consisting of 24 episodes, was released on July 5, 2019.

The second season, consisting of 11 episodes, was released on January 14, 2021. Due to its captivating world-building and exceptional animation, the series is well liked by anime enthusiasts and receives huge amounts of love across the world.

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As a result, this upcoming season is currently very hyped, and its fans are eager to learn when season 3 will premiere and what they will see in it. So, let’s get straight to this informative anime news.

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date and Trailer

Dr. Stone Season 3 Official Teaser

Fortunately, its season 3 release date has finally been confirmed by the officials. According to the announcement, the Dr. Stone Season 3 release date is spring 2023. Moreover, the officials also released the first teaser of this upcoming season on Toho Animation’s official YouTube channel.

While seeing the trailer, you will also get to see the title of this upcoming season, which is “Dr. Stone New World”. On the other hand, the exact release date Dr. Stone season 3 and the anime trailer for Dr. Stone season 3 are yet to be revealed.

As soon as we get any further information regarding this upcoming anime season, we will immediately share it with you.

Cast and Staff of Dr. Stone Season 3

Dr. Stone Season 3 will almost definitely feature the same cast and staff as Season 2. This is due to the very slight risk of cast and staff changes in any anime series during subsequent seasons.

If we talk about his staff, Shinya Iino is likely to have directed this season as well. Yuichiro Kido might be the series’ composer and scriptwriter. Finally, last but not least, this season’s music might also be done by Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Tatsuya Kato, and Yuki Kanesaka.

In terms of his cast, this season is likely to have the same cast as last season. Yusuke Kobayashi will play Senku Ishigami, Makoto Furukawa as Taiju Oki, Aki Toyosaki as Homura, Akira Ishida as Hyoga, Ayumu Murase as Ginro, Gen Sato as Chrome, and so on.

What Will We Get To See In Dr. Stone Season 3?

Dr. Stone season 3
Credit: Dr. Stone anime

Dr. Stone Season 3 will adapt the story from Chapters 90 to 138 of its original manga series. As we already know, its prequel, Dr. Stone Ryusui, consists of the story from Chapters 84 to 89. In contrast to its previous season, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars consists of the story from Chapters 60 to 84.

Dr. Stone: New World will depict “Source of the Petrification Saga,” one of the most popular and interesting sagas in the franchise. It consists of two major arcs, i.e., the Age of Exploration Arc and the Treasure Island Arc.

In the Age of Exploration Arc, Senku Ishigami, along with his kingdom of science, will work together to deduce the mysterious phenomenon behind the petrification. However, in order to do it, they require a large ship, some key resources, and a skilled sailor.

As a consequence, they will reincarnate Ryusui Nanami, a legendary sailor, by using revival fluid, and later all of them will embark on this electrifying showdown. While in the Treasure Island Arc, they arrive close to the source of petrification where the mysterious light comes from and try to infiltrate it.

This new season will surely break all of its prior records and become one of the must watch anime in Spring 2023. Lastly, all anime fans are very excited for Dr. Stone season 3 to explore Senku’s thrilling adventure and exhilarating showdown .

That’s it for the post! We hope you now know about Dr. Stone season 3 and have found this informative news to be useful. Stay tuned with us for more of the latest manga and anime news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many seasons of Dr. Stone will there be?

The whole franchise currently has two seasons, Dr. Stone and Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, including one anime movie, Dr. Stone Ryusui. However, its third season, Dr. Stone New World, is on the way and will premiere in spring 2023.

2. Is Dr. Stone Ryusui canon?

Yes, Dr. Stone Ryusui is completely canon and is the sequel to Dr. Stone: Stone Wars (season 2), produced by TMS Entertainment. It is an hour-long special episode that takes place between Dr. Stone’s second and third seasons. If you want to see the full franchise, you need to watch this special episode. Otherwise, you will miss an essential part of the series and may struggle to watch Dr. Stone Season 3.

3. What happens in season 3 of Dr. Stone?

Dr. Stone Season 3 will cover two key arcs: the Age of Exploration Arc and the Treasure Island Arc. It mostly highlights Senku’s exciting experience in locating the source of petrification. Senku is joined by Tsukasa and Ryusui Nanami, and they all begin on this incredible quest together.

4. How many episodes does Dr. Stone Season 3 have?

We haven’t received any official word on how many episodes there will be. However, based on the manga’s story and the pacing of the last season, we expect it will feature 20 to 24 episodes.

5. Does Senku have a love interest?

No, Senku Ishigami does not have a love interest in anyone. However, Luna Wright, the series’s hottest character, had a great crush on Senku. Just after witnessing Senku’s exceptional intellect, she immediately falls in love with him. On the other hand, she has yet to receive any leads or positive responses from Senku’s side in the series.

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