Dragon Ball Super Manga Goes on Indefinite Hiatus

The May edition of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine has announced on Thursday that Toyotarō’s Dragon Ball Super manga will be going on hiatus beginning from the upcoming issue of the magazine, slated for release in April. However, the magazine did not disclose when the manga will resume serialization.

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This isn’t the first hiatus for the manga; it previously took a break “to prepare for the next arc” in August 2022, before resuming serialization in December 2022. The manga commenced its “Super Hero” arc, an adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, in March 2023.

Toyotarō introduced the manga in V Jump in June 2015, initially serving as an adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super anime. However, the manga has since diverged from the anime in various aspects. Shueisha is set to release the manga’s 23rd volume on April 4.

Viz Media is concurrently publishing the manga online alongside its Japanese debut and is scheduled to release the 21st compiled volume on May 14.

Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama, passed away on March 1 due to acute subdural hematoma, leaving behind a profound legacy. Toriyama began his illustrious career with the serialized manga Dr. Slump in 1980, which went on to inspire two television anime adaptations and multiple films. His subsequent creation, Dragon Ball, ran from 1984 to 1995, and its enduring popularity continues to inspire manga and anime sequels and spin-offs to this day.

Recognized globally, Toriyama’s Dragon Ball anime adaptations, including its sequel Dragon Ball Z, along with numerous sequels and anime films, have become synonymous with the franchise. The iconic protagonist, Goku, has transcended cultural boundaries, becoming a beloved character worldwide.

Moreover, Toriyama’s influence extends beyond Dragon Ball, as he is also renowned as the character designer for popular video game franchises such as Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, and Blue Dragon.

Until his passing, Toriyama remained actively involved in the production of the Dragon Ball Daima anime series, contributing to its story and character designs. His manga “Sand Land” recently inspired an anime film adaptation that premiered in Japan in August 2023, along with a worldwide debut of an anime series and an upcoming game release on April 26.

Manga Plus by Shueisha describes the Dragon Ball Super Manga as follows:

Having defeated Boo, Goku is starting to get bored with his life on Earth. His wife, Chi-chi, wants him to get a job, but all he wants to do is train and fight stronger enemies. Elsewhere in the universe, the God of Destruction, Beerus, and his attendant Whis are traveling from planet to planet in search of food and entertainment. After blowing up some hapless victims, Beerus is reminded of a man from his dreams with the moniker “Super Saiyan God,” or something like that… The God of Destruction sets his sights on Earth to track down this mysterious man! Maybe this will give Goku something to do?

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