My One-Hit Kill Sister Release Date Has Been Announced

My One-Hit Kill Sister Release Date Has Been Announced

My One-Hit Kill Sister is an isekai and fantasy web novel series written by Konoe. As you already read in our previous post, My One-Hit Kill Sister novel will get an anime version this year. So finally, My One-Hit Kill Sister release date has been revealed by the officials.

Furthermore, the officials also shared the details of its theme song artists, key visuals, cast, and staff. According to the announcement, “My One-Hit Kill Sister TV anime” will be released on April 8, 2023. Kenji Taguchi illustrated the manga adaptation of the series before its anime adaptation.

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Fans well-love the series for its original story, fantasy world, character designs, and high-level monsters (vicious monsters). They have been enjoying the manga series since 2019, and now they are eager to watch the anime series. So let’s get started!

My One-Hit Kill Sister Release Date and Trailer

My One-Hit Kill Sister Official Trailer

On February 4, 2023, the My One-Hit Kill Sister release date was announced. Furthermore, the air date announcement was made by the series’ official Twitter account. According to the announcement, the My One-Hit Kill Sister TV anime will premiere on April 8, 2023, on several Japanese television networks, including Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, and so on.

Crunchyroll will also release the series for international viewers. Aside from the series’ air dates on television, its official anime trailer is already out as of January 12, 2023, with an English subtitle on the series’ official YouTube channel. While watching the trailer, the series seems quite interesting and engaging, with wonderful visuals.

Cast and Staff of My One-Hit Kill Sister

My One-Hit Kill Sister Release Date Has Been Announced
Source: My One-Hit Kill Sister anime’s Official Website:

The officials have already announced almost all of the cast and staff details of the series. However, the officials recently shared the details of an artist who performed the series’s ending theme song on February 4, 2023. However, its cast and staff include some of the best-known artists who work on several popular television anime.

Here are the voice actors who provide their voices for the series’ characters:

  • Haruka Shiraishi will provide her voice for Maya Ikusaba (the main character).
  • Yuuki Sakakihara will provide his voice for Asahi Ikusaba (the main character).
  • Ami Koshimizu will provide her voice for Kilmaria.
  • Azumi Waki will provide her voice for Sophie.
  • Konomi Kohara will provide her voice for Kuon.
  • Rio Tsuchiya will provide her voice for Tanya.
  • Sora Tokui will provide her voice for Gloria.
  • Yuma Uchida will provide his voice for Siegfried.

Here are the staff of the My One-Hit Kill Sister anime series:

  • Director: Hiroaki Takagi
  • Episode Director: Taichi Atarashi
  • Charge of Series Scripts: Yohei Kashii
  • Character Designer: Yuji Hamada
  • Charge of the Series’ Monster Design: Kenichi Kangawa
  • Art Director: Kenichi Kurata
  • Animation Director: Aiko Hata
  • Compositing Director: Hiroaki Takagi
  • Charge of Editing: Keisuke Yanagi

Theme Songs of the Series

The officials have also revealed the theme songs and their performers. TrySail performed “Karei One Turn” (Splendid One Turn), the opening theme song of the series. On the other hand, a group of virtual girls known as VALIS performed “Mukyu Platonic” (Forever Platonic), the ending theme song of the series.

Gekko, a newly opened anime studio, produced this upcoming isekai and comedy anime. So far, they have produced only two series, Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time and TenPuru.

That’s it for today’s post! We hope you found this informative news to be useful and know about the One-Hit Kill Sister release date. Stay tuned for more of the latest anime news and upcoming anime releases.


1. What is the primary genre of the series?

It is primarily an isekai television series and follows the story of a high school student, Asahi Ikusaba, who is also a video game otaku and has exceptional knowledge of video games. He is lacks of skills and doesn’t have the strongest ability, despite being transported into fantasy worlds. This led him to team up with his elder sister, Mayu Ikusaba.

2. What is the Japanese name of the series?

u0022Isekai Wan Tan Kiru Nee-san: Ane Dohan no Isekai Seikatsu Hajimemashitau0022 is the full Japanese name of the series.

3. How many counterparts does My One-Hit Kill Sister have?

My One-Hit Kill Sister is originally an Isekai light novel series that began publishing in December 2019 by Shosetsuka Ni Naro. After that, they released the official manga counterparts in March 2020 and are about to release their first television series.u003cbr /u003e

4. How many volumes of the manga series My One-Hit Kill Sister are currently available?

Konoe, the original author yet manga author of the series, just finished the official manga part of “My One-Hit Kill Sister” on July 28, 2023. It currently has a total of 12 volumes and has gained much recognition among manga fans.

Source: Official Website

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