Shangri-La Frontier Episode 24 – Review

shangri-la frontier episode 24

The anime adaptation of the Shangri-La Frontier novel is garnering more attention and appreciation from fans than its original novel series. It has already released a total of 24 episodes, with Shangri-La Frontier episode 24 just released on March 24, 2024.

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Moreover, they are set to release the 25th episode, which is the last episode of the series, on March 31, 2024. So, it’s a perfect time to review the Twenty-Fourth Episode before the release of the last episode. Let’s delve into this informative anime review and find out all the overwhelming and underwhelming factors of the episode that make it so special.

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 24: Episode Recap 

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In the 24th episode, Sunraku (Rakuro), a Kusoge hunter, finally discovers the Crystal Nest Cliffs after climbing up the canyon walls. A bunch of huge crystal scorpions, made up of crystals, immediately killed him as he reached the nest.

Despite not accepting defeat and returning to the nest, the scorpions unfortunately killed him again. However, this time, before the crystal scorpion mobs killed him, he managed to collect an unusual deposit of black crystals.

Furthermore, the black crystal turns out to be Aroncaleth Lapis, which has a high concentration of magic. Now, Hizutome Rakuro has a new plan in which he will use Inventoria to collect the broken shells of scorpions. He keeps repeating the process until he gathers a huge amount of broken shells.

Now it’s time to collect the stinger of a single scorpion; however, he unfortunately mistimes the attack. As a result, he misses the opportunity and dies again. Now, he feels quite low and decides to take a break from his relentless pursuit of collecting loot. He also decides to show the material he collected to Bilac.

Meanwhile, Emul is quite concerned for Hizutome Rakuro, seeing his obsession with collecting loot. At last, Shangri-La Frontier episode 24 ends on a concerning note and leaves fans anticipating what will happen in the upcoming episode. 

Shangri-La Frontier Episode 24: Review 

shangri-la frontier episode 24 review
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The new episode is an awesome episode featuring countless fights between Hizutome Rakuro and Crystal Scorpions. Fans highly appreciate Sunraku’s gameplay, especially his tactical skills in defeating countless crystal scorpions. His way of using inventory space to store unlimited objects without being slowed down is quite impressive.

His relentless pursuit of collecting loot also shows his exceptional determination, which fans appreciate the most. Even though the 24th episode is not completely a funny episode and lacks comical moments, Sunraku’s maniacal laughter and mood swings are quite fun to watch.

Furthermore, the episode is visually appealing and forms a beautiful magical landscape from glowing crystals. Seeing Emul’s deep concern for Sunraku at the end of the episode, it is quite evident that they share a strong emotional bond with each other.

Now, let’s talk about the parts of the episode that fans did not like or criticize. Witnessing Sunraku’s relentless attempts to defeat crystal scorpions is quite repetitive and involves unnecessary fights. He spends a large amount of time revisiting the same area, which seems like a waste of time or somewhat boring to watch.

Seeing Sunraku exploit game mechanics is quite funny, but sometimes he overdoes it and lowers the overall experience. Moreover, the 24th episode doesn’t resolve any issues that the 23rd episode brought up.

These are the only things that fans do not appreciate about the new episode. Otherwise, everything is well done and quite thrilling to watch, like intrinsic gaming moments, exciting fight choreography, appealing visuals, and emotional moments.

Where can we read the Shangri-La Frontier novel series? 

shangri-la frontier novel
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Shangri-La Frontier is originally a web novel written by Katarina. You can read this popular web novel online at Shosetsuka ni Naro. The series began serialization in May 2017 and is still ongoing, releasing new chapters. Furthermore, the officials have not yet released any printed version of the novel.

The officials released the Shangri-La Frontiermanga series in 2020, after releasing web novels for three years. The series currently has a total of 16 volumes. Recently, they released the first anime adaptation, which is about to end on March 31, 2024, with a total of 25 episodes. 

That’s it for today’s review! We hope you found this review useful and now know how good or bad Shangri-La Frontier episode 24 is. Stay tuned with us for the latest anime news, anime reviews, and upcoming anime seasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Where can we watch the Shangri-La Frontier anime? 

You can watch Shangri-La Frontier season 1 on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Prime Video, and Bilbili Global. Furthermore, the series is also known by its Japanese name, Kamige ni Idoman to Su.

2. What are the major genres of the series? 

Action, adventure, and fantasy are the major genres of the series, which are quite famous anime genres of all time. Moreover, the main theme of the series is video games, a super-famous anime theme right now.

3. Who produced this fan-favorite anime series? 

A well-known Japanese anime studio, Studio C2C, produced Shangri-La Frontier season 1 and recently released some popular Isekai Japanese anime series. Some of the best isekai anime, like Handyman Saito in Another World, is also produced by Studio C2C.

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