Wind Breaker Episode 4 Review

My otaku friends, it’s time for “Wind Breaker Episode 4” Review. The anime keeps on giving us goosebumps with each passing episode. Each episode forces us to rewatch it, if not all of it, then some scenes. In short, it’s simply maintaining its hype and eventually increasing it.

Wind Breaker Episode 4 Review & Highlights

Wind Breaker Episode 4 Review


The initial few minutes were pure comedy! Umemiya’s clumsy and kind side left no chance of entertaining us. Finally, the countless queries regarding him were answered. Fans were finally introduced to the famous leader of Bofurin. He was how a leader should be, and personalities like him are not new in the anime industry. He looks odd and acts aloof, but he isn’t really. Only a true otaku knows the true potential these kinds of characters hide.

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Wind Breaker Episode 4 Review

So, it simply increases our curiosity to see him in action, showcasing his abilities. After all, he isn’t the LEADER for nothing. Even though he seems completely clueless, he knows every bit of the things happening around him. I love how the characters are portrayed; within minutes, we learn a lot about their personalities. 

Wind Breaker Episode 4 Review

Lion’s Head In Furin High School

Choji Tomiyama

Nobody expected the Lion’s Head to be that quick in breaking a fight. I thought the anime may take some time for an intense duel, but the creators made sure to make us happy. The way they entered the school with beaten-up Bofurins was literally AH-MAZING! Umemiya’s aura, as expected, swiftly changed from a soft boy to a lethal man. 


The fact that the Leader of Lion’s Head, Tomiyama Choji, came to challenge him one-on-one was insane. I bet every single viewer wanted the face-off. Choji Tomiyama is a Fight fanatic who is always passionate about creating reasons to battle. On the other hand, Umemiya cares for his gang and treats them like a family. This not the first clash between the two groups, but surprisingly, this time Toji really wanted to bring Furin and Umemiya under him. 


Choji tries his best to provoke Umemiya and the gang to agree to a duel. Thanks to Sakura, who talked back and welcomed the duel, and we got a bonus. GUESS the bonus! I love the creators for not just one but entertaining us with 5 Face Offs together. Now that’s what you call a Worth Watching Episode

Last Scenes 

Lion's head vs. Bofurin

Of course, it wasn’t possible to see all the fights within this episode because 15 minutes had already passed. It wouldn’t have been fun to interrupt the fight in two episodes. So we’ll probably watch if not all, and then there will be a few face-offs entirely in the next episode. Also, that’s how an episode should be, the way Wind Breaker Episode 4 was. A perfect emotionally engaging start, a mind-boggling middle, and a cliffhanger end. 


We all know this is not the first delinquent anime, so we are already familiar with the quality the top anime provides. Wind Breaker, by all means, is keeping the momentum high. The cinematography, the direction, the background music, and the thrill every single scene creates are simply worth praising.

We learned a great deal about Umemiya and how he grew up with 16-year-old Kotoha. Of course, we never thought the lady to be this young and too successful running a restaurant. We still need to learn about the Lion’s Head and the reason why Choji and Togame are obsessed with initiating strength-proving battles. This episode was the best so far, and for me, it was 9/10. I have high hopes the next episode will break records! What are your thoughts on this?

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How many episodes are there in the wind breaker?

The anime is expected to have 12 episodes.

What anime is Haruka Sakura from?

He is the main character from Wind Breaker.

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