WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review

Get yourself ready to read WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review. What an incredible anime that has kept its fans on their toes constantly. Episode 3 was as electrifying as the first two episodes were, and there wasn’t a moment to get bored. 

Let’s discuss the highlights of the said episode!

WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review & Highlights

WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review

As expected, the episode began with a face-off between Haruka Sakura and Suigishita. The MC’s goal had seriously pissed him off as he was famous as a Top Dog’s Fanatic. Sugishita had immense respect for the school’s top dog and could do anything for him. That’s why Haruka Sakura’s claim to replace him made him furious. 

WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review

Undoubtedly, it was a fantastic fight where Sakura didn’t even let him get scratched and blew the opponent’s nose in an instant. However, their duel was interrupted by a sudden announcement from Umemiya Hajime, the TOP DOG of Furin High School. The aura completely shifted, and everyone was highly attentive, showing their respect to Umemiya. 

WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review

I must say, the creators have done a remarkable job in effortlessly gluing the audience. Every point of the story was executed perfectly. The scenes impacted the viewers as they should. The action scenes were worth watching, though the fight ended soon. 

WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review

Sakura’s Feeling Of Happiness 

WIND BREAKER Episode 3 Review

The boy had always been lonely, but he was happy, realizing that it was changing. People started loving him and acknowledging his talents. I can clearly notice the character development. Within three episodes, we have seen Sakura rethinking his worldview and expectations from people.

The School’s System

Umemiya Hajime and the captains

Umemiya sits at the top of Bofurin. Four captains, aka Devas, are appointed by Umemiya himself to manage the systems. Each captain works for all three years of a given class. The MC is from Class 1, aka the Tamon Squad. Sakura, Nirei, Sugishita, and Suo were in the same group led by Hiragi.

The system of the school made the story even more gripping. Additionally, watching Sugishita and Sakura in the same group will be no less than a visual treat. We can expect entertainment frequently. 

The Lion’s Head 

The Lion's Head

I was actually wondering that the plot might get monotonous with the same fight scenes with the bad guys protecting the town. However, the higher ups proved me wrong again. The introduction to another Team, The Lion’s Head, made things extremely intriguing. Bofurin members can’t enter the other team’s territory because there are different rules.

The delinquent anime are no fun without rivalry with other groups, right? While patrolling the area, the group comes across a member of The Lion’s Head chasing a middle schooler. Sakura knocks out one of the members, impressing the team’s second-in-command, Togame Jo. Well well, while protecting the middle schooler, Sakura and Sugishita enter their territory. Sakura and Jo have an intense verbal face-off, which concludes with Jo declaring that he will beat him up in a proper venue.

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Sakua and Jo

I absolutely loved how the episode was a blast from start to end. The rivalry between the two groups heated things up. 

Bofurin’s Top Dog Umemiya

Umemiya Hajime

Finally, the moment arrived where Sakura met Umemiya. It turns out he is a goofy guy who acts like an elementary school kid. I’m not going to lie; I expected that, and thanks to the author for creating his character this way. If he were someone serious, then it wouldn’t have been fun and entertaining. 


The anime is promising; each episode brings something amazing. So far, I have loved the pacing, character development, story building, and intensity of fights. The animation, music, and aesthetics are all on point. 

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Is Wind Breaker getting an anime?

The anime is currently airing and you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

When did Wind Breaker manhwa start?

It’s been more than a decade, as it was first introduced in December 2013.

Source: WIND BREAKER Anime Streaming On Crunchyroll.

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