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hetalia axis powers

Hetalia Axis Powers is one of the best historical anime series created by Hidekaz Himaruya, with a perfect blend of comedy. It offers a unique perspective by personifying countries as characters such as Hetalia Italy, Hetalia Canada, Hetalia Germany, and Hetalia America.

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Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that the series has released a total of seven seasons, consisting of 147 episodes. The series has a mix of positive and negative aspects due to its discussion of political and historical events during World War II. So, let’s dive straight into this informative anime review and explore all its aspects in detail. Let’s get started! 

Hetalia Axis Powers – Plot 

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Hetalia Axis Powers is set in a World War II timeline and mainly revolves around countries like Italy, Germany, and Japan. It depicts the challenges faced by the Axis Powers and their ally nations against the Allied Forces, but in a most comedic and entertaining way.

Hetalia Italy is the central character who personifies the country of Italy, while other characters personify their respective countries. People once saw him as a powerful empire, but now they see him as a cowardly fool. As a result, he forms unlikely alliances with Germany and Japan.

They later engage in the deadliest world war between the Allied Forces and the Axis Powers. However, they showcase it in a very humorous way. Cultural comparisons and the biggest stereotypes of countries during that time fill the series.

Hetalia Axis Powers – Review 

hetalia axis powers review
Source: Hetalia Axis Powers Anime

Let’s start with the overwhelming factors that bring popularity to the series. They did commendable work in reinterpreting the political and historical events with a unique yet comical approach. Throughout the series, they use satire and light-hearted comedy that succeed in hooking the attention of viewers.

Characters portray all the interactions, whether they be political, historical, or military, as social misunderstandings between them. They also wonderfully explore both the positive and negative cultural stereotypes of countries, but in a humorous manner.

While witnessing the quirks and characteristics of the countries, avid anime fans immediately recognize their own and enjoy them to the utmost. The chemistry, sense of humor, and balance of characters like Italy, Japan, and Germany are superbly engaging to watch.

Moreover, each episode of the series is just 5 minutes long, which is quite easy to watch, especially for viewers with a busy schedule. Now let’s move forward to the underwhelming factors that bring criticism to the series. The main thing the series lacks is a cohesive plot, which limits character development and depth.

It just jumps from one historical event to another, making it difficult to follow a consistent storyline. Even though they used stereotypes for comedic effect, a bunch of scenes and events are offensive to some viewers. Due to its historical references and too much reliance on national stereotypes, the humor sometimes feels repetitive and predictable over time.

Furthermore, the art, character design, and animation quality of the series are also quite ordinary and might not meet everyone’s expectations. So if you are looking for a unique comedy anime with historical references, then this series is a good pick for you. 

Is Hetalia Canada, Hetalia Germany, and Hetalia America part of the Hetalia Axis Powers? 

Hetalia Canada, Hetalia Germany, and Hetalia America
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No, Hetalia Germany is the only one that belongs to the Axis Power, while Canada and America belong to the Allied Forces. 

  • Axis Powers: Italy, Germany, and Japan 
  • Allied Forces: America, Canada, UK, France, Russia, and China. 

That’s it for today’s review! We hope you found this anime review useful and now know all the positive and negative points about Hetalia Axis Powers. Stay tuned with us for the latest anime news, anime reviews, and upcoming anime adaptations. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Where can we watch this popular comedy anime?

You can watch this popular comedy anime on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Prime Video. These anime streaming platforms consist of all seven anime seasons of the series.

2. How many manga projects did the series have?

It had a total of two manga projects. The first classic mainstream manga ended in 2013 with a total of 6 volumes. The second manga, Hetalia World Stars, debuted in 2014 and is still ongoing with a total of 5 volumes. You can read the first manga adaptation on Comic Birz and the second manga adaptation on Jump Comics.

3. Who produced the series?

Hetalia Axis Powers is produced by Studio Deen, one of the best anime studios of all time. This studio has brought us a bunch of popular comedy anime series, including Konosuba, Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, Is This a Zombie?, Ranma½, and so on.

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