One Piece Episode 1100 Review

one piece 1100

Hey fans one of the highest-rated and biggest episode of One Piece 1100 is finally released. Just after its release, the 1100th episode got a rating of 9.8/10 on IMDB. The animation for episode is amazing and the fight everyone is waiting for is also revealed which is between Lucci and Monkey D. Luffy.

Gear 5 Transformation

one piece 1100

As soon as the Akainu gets to know that Luffy is on Egghead Island, he got angry and orders all the officers to put an end to Lucci’s fighting and hold him until the Navy arrives. Kizaru is also on the way along with a large number of soldiers and vice admirals.

Meanwhile on Island, as the scientists depart, Chopper and Jinbe get ready to flee along with Bonney and Atlas. They try to call Luffy but he’s motionless. They tried to talk to him but he’s angry with Lucci. He denied their advice. Even though CP-0 tries to Lucci as well, both start fighting eventually.

Now if we talk about Haki, Both Luffy and Lucci are nearly evenly matched. However, Lucci errs when he asks for Luffy’s awakened form on the wanted poster. Suddenly with a huge smile and giggle, Luffy’s appearance begins to change. the drums of liberty began and he recollects that moment. Rays of Conqueror’s Haki fill the room as he strikes his chest, and his hair goes all white. Then, to surprise his friends, he laughs as the ground shakes and shifts.

One Piece 1100 Luffy vs. Lucci

luffy vs lucci

Suddenly the environment becomes more tense, Lucci smiles and says that it will be enjoyable, but before he can gather his senses. Luffy comes in front of him and with a single blow. Luffy sends him off flying and demolishes one of the buildings. Meanwhile, Shaka, who’s watching the fight from cameras, after recognizing Luffy’s figure refers to him as “White Warrior”. When Vegapunk hears that name, he gets startled.

Back to the battlefield, Lucci gets up and changes into his leopard form, he also becomes aware of his surroundings. He tries to trick Luffy with his incredible speed. But Luffy was not coming slow his sidesteps make it light and blow out of it. And as their fighting became more intense, they started demolishing every building in the area.

One Piece 1100 Vegapunk’s Revelation

vegapunk's revelation

As the fight is in between, Vegapunk get back together with Shaka and others. He surprises everyone by claiming that the Gum-Gum fruit also known as Gomu-Gomu no mu doesn’t exist when the crew claims to be witnessing its abilities. The scientist informs them that in that form, Luffy resembles the Sun God Nika.

Nika vanished from history, yet Vegapunk asserts that as long as people yearn for it, its existence will endure. Like the Devil Fruits, it exists because humans want it. They are expressions of the people’s hopes for the advancement of humanity. The many powers stand for the various human destinies. The sea, the mother of nature, punishes the users for being unnatural. According to his theory, those who wield power occupy alternate realms that they have imagined.

Intervention and Betrayal in One Piece 1100

intervention and betrayal

Meanwhile, Sentomaru chooses to oppose CP-0 in order to support Vegapunk after arriving with additional Seraphim. Also, he has the higher priority in the Pacifista hierarchical system of authority. He then causes S-Bear to attack Stussy and Kaku.

Luffy keeps up his frantic battle with Lucci, who is about to lose it. The pirate throws his opponent far away by combining his abilities with the surroundings. Luffy, assuming the fight’s over, strides up to Sentomaru for a chat. But Lucci takes back control of the Seraphims by stabbing the Sentomaru from behind.

In conclusion, the battle between Luffy and Lucci marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing narrative of One Piece 1100. From the revelation of Gear 5 to the shocking truths uncovered by Vegapunk, this crazy episode illustrated by Eiichiro Oda is sure to leave a lasting impact on anime and manga fans around the world. As the Straw Hat crew sets sail for new adventures, one thing is certain: the journey is far from over.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Who is Vegapunk in One Piece?

Vegapunk is a renowned scientist in the One Piece world, known for his groundbreaking research and technological innovations.

Q2. What are the implications of Vegapunk’s revelation about Devil Fruits?

Vegapunk’s revelation raises questions about the true nature of Devil Fruits and their connection to human desires, hinting at deeper mysteries yet to be uncovered.

Q3. Will Lucci be able to win Against Luffy in the Next Episode?

In the current form, Luffy is on a par level so if Lucci has any tricks up his sleeves then there might be a slight chance.

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