Creator of ‘Naruto’ Does Not Post on Social Media

Social media has transformed the dynamics of human interaction, granting us unprecedented access to celebrities, politicians, and various personalities. However, not every notable figure actively manages their social media presence. In many cases, such accounts are operated by a team or managed by a publicist. While numerous manga creators engage directly with their audience through […]

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Naruto top 10 best ninjutsu

Naruto: Top 10 Best Ninjutsu

Ninjutsu, the ancient art of utilizing chakra to perform supernatural techniques, is a central aspect of the Naruto universe. From minor illusions to world-altering jutsu, ninjutsu has played a pivotal role in shaping the events and battles throughout the series. This article explores the top ten most powerful techniques, their origins, descriptions, and also significance

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Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed

Naruto 4-Episodes Anime Delayed

Bad news comes from the childhood show, Naruto. After announcing four brand new episodes commemorating the 20th anniversary. The new OVA is supposed to debut on September 3, 2023. Unfortunately, the episodes will be delayed. Moreover, the date is still TBA. The official stated that the delay was due to a production issue. They want

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