Top 5 Best Korean Anime You Should Watch

While Japan dominates the animation industry, other countries are exploring this art form. Korean anime called ‘aeni’ (short for animation), covers diverse themes from psychology to action, captivating viewers worldwide. Similarly, Korean manga is known as ‘manhwa’.

The rise of Korean anime stems from the success of Korean dramas, video games, and also Korean films on streaming platforms like Netflix. If you’re seeking something fresh and exciting as an anime fan, delve into the world of Korean anime.

5. Tower of God

A Korean anime adapted from Lee Jong-hui’s popular 2010 webtoon, Tower of God revolves around Twenty-Fifth Bam. Trapped beneath a mysterious Tower for most of his life, Bam’s only friend was Rachel. When Rachel enters the Tower, leaving him behind, a devastated Bam decides to follow his childhood friend, risking his life.

tower of god
Credit: MAL

Inside the Tower, which grants the deepest desires of those who reach the top, Bam reunites with Rachel and also finds new allies. Together, they embark on a mission to conquer the Tower. This action-packed anime series aired from April to June 2020, with fans eagerly awaiting a second season.

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4. The God of High School

Based on Yongje Park’s hit manhwa, The God of High School follows Mori Jin, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul. His exceptional skills catch the attention of a mysterious organization, inviting him to a martial arts tournament called “The God of High School.”

the god of high school
Credit: MAL

Additionally, Jin Mo-ri teams up with karate expert Daewi Han and epeeist Mira Yoo, competing against formidable school students. The winner’s wish, no matter how grand, will be granted. As they progress, they uncover hidden secrets, and also get embroiled in something greater. This Korean anime has awesome fight scenes, comparable to shonen anime, and a great story to boot! Worth checking out.

3. Noblesse (2020 Anime)

Noblesse, a popular manhwa turned Korean anime centers on Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, a powerful noble nicknamed Rai. After an 820-year slumber, Rai awakens in modern-day South Korea, unaware of humanity’s progress.

Korean anime
Credit: MAL

Attending school, Rai reunites with his loyal servant Frankenstein, who helps him navigate the new world. However, a secret organization seeking to uncover Rai’s past pursues them. Forced to reveal his true identity and might, Rai must protect those around him as the Noblesse.

2. The Fake (2013 Anime)

In this Korean movie, con man Choi Gyeong-seok poses as a church elder, deceiving a rural village with false promises of hope and also heaven. Kim Min-chul, a skeptical outcast, uncovers Choi’s criminal history and tries to expose his religious fraud.

Korean anime
Credit: MAL

Choi, however, is actually defrauding the villagers for their resettlement. Min-chul, a gambler, and thug himself, becomes the sole obstacle in Choi’s scheme. The Fake explores the clash between these two contrasting characters and also the consequences of their actions with an interesting animation style.

1. Oseam (2003 Anime)

Winner of the Best Feature Film award at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2004, Oseam is a historical adventure drama based on a fairy tale by Jeong Chae-bong.

Korean anime
Credit: MAL

The Korean anime film follows five-year-old Gil-son and his blind sister Gam-i, orphaned and raised by a kind monk in Mt. Seorak. However, Gil-son’s life takes an unexpected turn one snowy day, leading him on an extraordinary journey. With beautiful animation all around, this heartwarming story should definitely be on your list to watch!

Among the honorable mentions in the world of Korean anime are Jib/The House, Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox, and also Seoul Station. Jib/The House is a haunting psychological thriller exploring the human psyche’s darkness. Additionally, Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox is a charming and whimsical Korean folktale about a mischievous fox spirit and her adventures in the human world. Seoul Station, on the other hand, is a gritty and intense zombie horror film that serves as a prequel to the live-action movie Train to Busan.

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These varied offerings showcase the diverse range and creativity of Korean animation, catering to different genres and audiences. Stay tuned for more anime updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between anime and manhwa?

Anime refers to animated shows or movies, while manhwa is the Korean term for comic books or graphic novels.

Are Korean anime and Japanese anime similar?

While they share some similarities in art style and storytelling, Korean anime often explores unique themes and narratives rooted in Korean culture and folklore.

Where can I watch Korean anime?

Many Korean anime series and movies are available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and also Viki.

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